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  1. Riverbottom

    Jeep JKU with 3:73 gears, pig or not.

    I run 4.88 with 35's and it is great.
  2. Riverbottom

    Bad Party In Newport Bay . . .

    I wonder if the extreme low tide this week caused it to sink. Walked around the island around 6:00 P.M. last night. Many large power boats on the sand, some laid over with struts and props on the beach. That much weight sitting on the ground can't be good. I would think a shaft log or rudder...
  3. Riverbottom

    Invisible house for sale

    It is pretty cool to look at. Driving through 29 palms yesterday, so we looked up the address and checked it out. Long poorly maintained road to get up to it. It really is invisible. Not sure it is worth eighteen million dollars though.
  4. Riverbottom

    Where does everyone on this forum MAINLY live

    I bet you have the only Bernico in North Carolina. I love those boats.
  5. Riverbottom

    Where does everyone on this forum MAINLY live

    Parker Az. for the last 33 yrs. I exited Calif. before it was popular.
  6. Riverbottom

    Bad Party In Newport Bay . . .

    It was a nice boat. I walk by it often. Going to check it out tomorrow if it is still there.
  7. Riverbottom

    Lost California mail-in ballots.

    I can't honestly say. I will study them at the next election. If I remember correctly, they simply say Federal Ballot across the top. I assume they are printed at the state level, as they match and work in the voting machines. I have also had younger people that were away from home in the...
  8. Riverbottom

    Lost California mail-in ballots.

    I volunteer and work at our local election polling place in Az. I am the ballot judge. ( give out the ballots, least skilled job ) Since we have snowbirds etc. that are not local Az. residents, many people only vote on federal ballots. All of the polls have federal ballots, that just have...
  9. Riverbottom

    New Diesel Truck

    Well State Farm was paying $ 52.00 per hour on steel trucks four years ago when I retired. They set the labor rate at $ 125.00 per hour on Ford aluminum trucks. You are correct nothing is welded on repairs for the new Fords. All glue and rivets. The rivet is a Ford only rivet, and the...
  10. Riverbottom

    New Diesel Truck

    The allowed labor rate to repair a Ford truck is almost double of other vehicles. Also, the body shop is supposed to have a separate space or dedicated repair area. Not allowed to have grinding chips from aluminum in the same area as steel. Technicians need to be certified by Ford or I-Car to...
  11. Riverbottom

    New Diesel Truck

    Not pay outs. Premiums are significantly higher on Fords than other brands of trucks. Repair costs are higher on Fords.
  12. Riverbottom

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Jeep also looks like a two door. Wish it was mine.
  13. Riverbottom

    New Diesel Truck

    I would check with your insurance carrier. Fords were running much higher on comp and collision.
  14. Riverbottom

    Anyone have experience with…. Truck total loss

    Depending on the insurance company, they will just have you sign a document saying that you agree to obtain a salvage certificate. The Toyota is already in your name, no need to go to DMV and get a salvage certificate on a perfectly good truck.
  15. Riverbottom

    Anyone have experience with…. Truck total loss

    I think it got into the core support. Upper tie bar will need replacing as well as the headlight mounting panel. Can't remember if toyota sells them separately or the whole assembly. Very repairable truck, I would buy it back and repair. Sold my body shop four years ago, or I would help out.
  16. Riverbottom

    whos ate at whiskey river

    I just can't see those prices in Parker. The atmosphere is not the best. I paid less at the Five Crowns in Newport last week for excellent steak at a beautiful restaurant.
  17. Riverbottom

    24 FT Daycruiser with torque converter eliminator

    Every ski boat with a velvet drive is basically an automatic transmission. They don't have torque converters and run for thousands of hours. Can't say I ever shifted my hallett daycruisers into reverse at forty miles an hour.🤣
  18. Riverbottom

    two stolen kawi side by side

    Actually the rates are set by the state, and local law enforcement not the tow company. Some countys ( Riverside) you have to go to the Sherriffs office and pay an administrative fee, and bring the receipt to the tow company before they can release the vehicle.
  19. Riverbottom

    Quartzsite RV Show

    It is probably a muddy mess. I would wait for it to dry out.
  20. Riverbottom

    Kids Orthodontist costs and advice

    I agree. Depending on where you live Algodones is a good option. I have a friend who took her daughter there once a month for a few years. Saved thousands, and she has beautiful straight teeth.