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    mohave county 5% tax increase limit on property explained one more time.....

    Wow. Do they send you a proposed notice of assessment change, for dispute issues..?
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    mohave county 5% tax increase limit on property explained one more time.....

    Why would a tax assessor get a copy of an appraisal..?
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    another Pedo

    Wait til the real targets and info comes out.
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    Devin Nunes

    2024 🤣🤣🤣 Shit's gonna hit the fan well before then..
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    "Del Taco" = "Jack In The Box"

    Del's steak and egg breakfast burrito at one time was really good. Then one day they got rid of the "steak" and went to their asada meat and it was a horrible change and the steak and egg burrito was no longer really good.
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    Did I miss something, no I posted the fact it’s Biden‘s birthday today🧉

    He didn't forget, he couldn't wait to celebrate his 58th. Direct quote after his physical..
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    Estate Settlement Questions?

    Spend the 750 on a nice dinner and drinks and remember the good times. As executor send send the wife to the post office where cc statements go and request a cease of all mail for death.
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    House Water Pressue

    It's like everything else made today, built to not last. 100lb water pressure isn't the problem it's all the plumbing fixtures that will fail because they're not meant to be forever like the old days. Water heaters, toilets, faucets, valves, hell even copper fittings today can't handle shit anymore.
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    Greeting from Mexico - Algodones

    Awesome thanks! Ya I'm not asking anyone to do it for me just gonna sack up and do it. Not a Mexico fan either so that's why I just wanted the skinny to get in and get the f out. My fam is a bit larger than 40 doses so I gotta figure that out, and also the 10 box limit..does that go for everything?
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    2005 Ultra Shadow built for Jesse James

    I used to see a big ass lifted GM that matched that boat in Home Depot all the time complete with the skeleton and West Coast Fucker logo.
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    Ivermectin / Horse dewormer.. a true story

    I heard today that a lawyer out of FL I believe submitted a FOIA request to the CDC or FDA asking for all documents related to all persons unvaxxed that contracted C19, recovered, and then spread the disease at a later time to any vaxxed or unvaxxed person thereafter. The response to the FOIA...
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    Greeting from Mexico - Algodones

    Can you PM a little itinerary on crossing over the border and all the stops to hit in one swoop so I can get in and get out? I want to hit all the stops you did then cross back over as efficiently as possible. I would be coming from the valley then heading up to havi..much appreciated 🙏
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    Kitchen Cabinets - Covid BS

    Use a vendor that doesn't sell China cabs. I switched over to a Vietnamese vendor and haven't had a back order issue all year. Best Cheer/AKB shit the bed big time.
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    Biden’s announces plan to solve supply chain issues -finally

    100+ ships out there now? Anyone on here in that business?? I'm curious to know the country or origin of those ships and if those countries were implicated or suspected to have had any involvement in the theft of the 2020 election. Things that make you go hmmm......the best is yet to come 😎
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    Cigarette Racing sent me info on my boat, updated paint progress pics

    $135k..dealer had a $15k deposit down. Pretty cool 😎
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    Hawaii travel question

    Heard this am no indoor dining without your proof of vax, not a neg test but proof of vax. I'll scratch Hawaii til the Civil War pops off.
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    My employer dropped the ultimatum.

    I pray all you mofo's dealing with this shit get your due in a class action. I stand with all who take this to the mat. This is bs and all meant to cripple our country and dismantle our way of life in order to push us into a China like way of life, all on purpose. We will rise up and take back...
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    The Refuge

    Someone is under contract doing their due diligence, not sure if there would be several at the same time 🤔
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    oops! Walgreens fuks-up

    In this day in age with what we are witnessing who the fuck in their right mind would bring their family of 4 with 2 of them being babies into anywhere to get a shot of anything. Wow.
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    Vaccine card

    Heard today from an attorney that these cards will now be run through a verification process very soon on account of all the Alvarado St versions. Not good. This attorney was going to get of copy of mine, btw.