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    How about some cool boating Lifestyle footage

    Goin by my buddies rollbar boat this summer! Gettin er done!
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    Havasu Riviera Build

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    Long Beach experts?

    Thanks a million everyone! Lots of good suggestions
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    Long Beach experts?

    Hotel Maya looks cool but requires you to stay 2 nights.
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    Long Beach experts?

    Getting on a cruise ship in Feb, flying into LB the day before. Looking for a decent (CHEAP) hotel that would work not too far from the airport and not too far from San Pedro. Suggestions?
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    Starlink guru?

    I’m in Canada and paid $745 CAD which at todays exchange is $548. The monthly is $140 CAD = $103 USD.
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    Starlink guru?

    I have my 30 year old son in law who I consider to be my tech support trying to figger it out. Don’t want to ask too many questions of Starlink, just looking for a work around
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    Starlink guru?

    Ordered mobile version a month ago, came in a box a couple weeks ago, set it up ran the cable and viola, instant 120 mps internet!! Does slow down to 50-60 from time to time but still WAY better than my previous service. My reason for the mobile system is I plan to take it to Arizona with us to...
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    Liberal brother in-law

    Pull a Beth Dutton on his ass!!
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    Nice Stunt, Tom Cruise

    I wonder how many motorcycles were harmed during filming??
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    This discussion got me thinking about tipping? Prices. Some takes this last week:

    Ordered a take out pizza a couple nights ago, drove 3 miles to pick it up, waited a few minutes for it to be ready. Girl asked if I’d like to pay while I waited. gave her a card and was automatically charged a 18% gratuity, not sure what for, there was NO SERVICE!! I was always told tipping was...
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    Awesome guys!!! Thanks.
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    Has anyone ever rented an enclosed trailer for a long distance one way trip from U-Haul? Dont want to be stuck on the side of the road due to bad wheel bearings or some other preventable mech issue. Wondering what the maintenance is like on these?
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    New Pellet Grill/Smoker

    Found this while searching, looking for a combo or a bbq and a pellet grill for my seasonal home. Anyone have experience with the combo’s? I use a Weber and a Traeger now.
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    Return Of The Rebels - Parker Strip 1981!

    Cool vids!! The girls were definitely thinner.
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    Lazy Boy chair alternative?

    In the market for a couple of easy chairs. Have had Lazyboy in the past but am also aware there are other manufacturers that cost alot less. Looking for leather recliners. What say you?
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    4 Lifeline Comp 170 vests for sale!

    Hey Needles, I’m in Canada but leaving for Havasu and other parts on Monday. If you or anyone is serious about these I will throw them in and make a wicked deal!
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    4 Lifeline Comp 170 vests for sale!

    Sold my DCB and these have been hanging in the closet. 1 small Victory, 1 M/L Victory, both worn less than 5 times! 1 L Racer, 1 M Racer, both Racers are new never worn still have the tags on them! All have DCB logo stitched on the front, the Victory’s have our first names stitched on. Retail on...
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    Woodstock ‘99 Trainwreck

    Watched a couple of episodes last nite, what a shitshow it turned into. I attended my fair share of outdoor concerts in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s and really dont remember shit like that happening. Selective memory perhaps? Anybody here attend? Anybody watch the series?
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    Old car gurus

    Pretty sure it’s a Henweigh