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  1. fltflyn

    Happy Birthday RogerThat99

    Happy Birthday buddy
  2. fltflyn

    Let's See Your Butt!

  3. fltflyn

    Carl's Toast tonight at 6:00

    RIP my dear friend Carl. Say hello to all of our buddy's for us...
  4. fltflyn

    Parker 336 Enduro Roll Call...

    GN 911 NRKA entry. Driver/crew
  5. fltflyn

    Parts for sale. BBC, drag boat, MSD etc.

    Bump. Sold items deleted.
  6. fltflyn

    Billy B's River Rocket Show

    You betcha!!!
  7. fltflyn

    Sad News Mike Fiore died RIP

    Sad deal. RIP
  8. fltflyn

    Hitler, Company Man- FUNNY!!

    Yes sir.
  9. fltflyn

    Hitler, Company Man- FUNNY!!

    LOL So true.
  10. fltflyn

    Parts for sale. BBC, drag boat, MSD etc.

    All prices are o.b.o. plus shipping from 58601. Reply here, pm or call or text with any questions. 9SevenZero3Two4 00Four Nine. Thanks for looking. Ryan 2- 10oz. CO2 bottles $80 with knob $50 without knob 1- Carbon fiber puke tank with aluminum brackets $125 Polished aluminum Buzzard to...
  11. fltflyn

    HEY LAM....Hallett....Baddest MoFo On the Water...

    Sweet ride CC!!! Can't wait for a booooooooze cruize!!!
  12. fltflyn

    PIRATE COVE 25' & under HOT BOAT SHOW.

    I'm in!!!
  13. fltflyn

    Let's See Your Steering Wheels

  14. fltflyn

    A very cool story from the Needles Boat Show - Flat Flyn

    I am still in shock and awe on this whole thing. It's amazing it was kept a secret. I wouldn't change a thing on the boat. It's perfect!!! Dirk and Marianne, Billy B, John Cogan, Rick King, Bobby B, Carl, HUD and all of the NRKA Thank you for overhaulin me and being the greatest group of family...
  15. fltflyn

    What Do They Call.......

    Give Allen a call 1(909)223-8347. If he doesn't have them, I'm sure he can get them at the best price around.
  16. fltflyn

    What Do They Call.......

  17. fltflyn

    Happy Bday CampbellCarl!

    Happy birthday buddy
  18. fltflyn

    Fitted cover for a Sanger Flat bottom?

    Custom Canvas in Montclair Ca (909) 981-7179. It would be well worth the drive from Sacramento. http://www.performanceboats.com/v-drives/132946-buying-new-boatcover.html