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  1. playdeep

    One of a kind ZL-1 Corvette convertible up for auction

    Skaggs Parking lot? lol. There was always badass iron there. And here... Is that you in the Trans Am out at South Eubank?
  2. playdeep

    Is Damar Hamlin Dead

    With all of the lies spewing daily from mainstream media and the overt bullshit that emanates from our clown government daily... I tend to question everything. I believe... Sheep call it 'conspiracy theories '.
  3. playdeep

    "You can run but you can't hide LOF." - Gavin Newsom

    Umm...It's the phuking libtards that are leaving and then phuking up the area's they migrate to... You're wrong.
  4. playdeep

    Lewis Hamilton bigs himself up and claims 'there's never been an F1 driver like me'

    He's kind of the formula 1 version ego wise of bubba wallace...they're both woke. Although bubba under performs yearly in excellent equipment...
  5. playdeep

    Alec Baldwin

    Spot on point... New Mexico is one of the most liberal states in the union and Santa fe beyond liberal. Unfortunately it's been overrun by California libs. who all seem to think Balwin is getting railroaded. The press release is nothing but grandstanding to placate national media. Guarantee...
  6. playdeep

    do we need to start a died to soon thread?

  7. playdeep

    RIP Dan Jesel

    Exactly...Jesel was the absolute shizz back in the day.
  8. playdeep


    Didn't know that she had lost a son...damn.
  9. playdeep

    Seatbelt PSA

    Great question... For decades the old latch style belts worked perfectly. Sparco builds good stuff. I still think it was a freak kinda deal although if it happened once.
  10. playdeep

    Seatbelt PSA

    I was never comfortable with cam locks for some reason... But if they prevent this...I'm all over it.
  11. playdeep

    When did this become evil? WTF

    C'mon man... What kind of Mesican are you. Cast iron stove only! Fresh tortilla with fresh strips of green chili...to die for!
  12. playdeep


    Heard he managed to land several "jabs"...
  13. playdeep

    Frank Fritz, of 'American Pickers,' under guardianship after stroke

    There's a sad backstory beyond this. Apparently he hooked up w/some woman who really sent him down a bad path. He'd been dropped from pickers and was trying to get back on the show prior to this. The fat inked skanky chick bugs the crap out of me.
  14. playdeep

    Seatbelt PSA

    His car owner Mickey Meyer from Phoenix is a friend. He's been in racing forever and ironically owns a pair of silver crown cars. He builds his own midget chassis and is one of the most safety conscious people that I know... I'm hearing from friends that it was loose arm restraints that got...
  15. playdeep

    Kid's lucky to be alive...

    Damn...I looked too. ...sorry!
  16. playdeep

    Kid's lucky to be alive...

    This happened last night at the Chili Bowl in Tulsa.Young Ashton Toregerson was ejected from his race car. Haven't seen anything like this in decades... Speculation is his arm restraints were loose&caught&unhooked his 5 point harness during the flip. Toregerson's car owner Mickey...
  17. playdeep

    The real Beth Dutton

    That's a 30 yr.old picture of a genuine cunt...
  18. playdeep

    RiP Jeff Beck

    Guy was an avid Hot Rodder. He had some badass street rods. RIP Sir...
  19. playdeep

    Saving Account Rates

    Did it today after reading your post...thank you! Note: 100k minimum.
  20. playdeep

    TCU vs Georgia

    Beginning to like Kirby Smart... He goes against all logic &recruiting rankings by letting a walk on quarterback play&wins 2 national championships for it. Also Georgia started zero transfer portal mercenaries...polar opposite of USC.