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  1. WildHorses24

    Mini bike madness today at my house

    Yes, and my suggestion is to keep it stock and have fun. A bunch of us (5) got the CRF 50s in the early 2000s and did exactly what you're doing. Camp fire races after a day of drinking, the ones that went to the big bore kit got exponentially hurt! Hard to stop twisting when you drink!;) But...
  2. WildHorses24

    Any news on a domestic in Havasu last night?

    Remind him the weather is usually nicer in the OC! ;)😂
  3. WildHorses24

    New Diesel Truck

    Labor rates were only supposed to apply when actual welding was taking place. I'm noticing shops are just replacing panels rather than deal with it. 100% agree, the rivets looked horrendous. I asked the body shop owner as a favor (since I send tons of work his way) please just rosebud and...
  4. WildHorses24

    New Diesel Truck

    I've owned an insurance agency for 15 yrs, been in the industry for 27, repairs are not always more. Labor rates are capped by all insurance companies and NOT higher due to the aluminum. I had my bedside replaced and Ford called for rivets not welding. Parts across ALL brands are through the...
  5. WildHorses24

    New Diesel Truck

    You get what you pay for, State Farm gave me $75,900 for my 2017 F250 Lariat a couple months back in my accident.
  6. WildHorses24

    Beach wagon modification ideas

    I have this cooler rack I'd sell if you're close to Orange County...
  7. WildHorses24

    Who wants to be my neighbor?

    Its actually steeper in person, like you almost can't walk up/down it, well not sober anyway!:oops: Pops lives around the corner, I heard the original owner is/was an NBA ref?
  8. WildHorses24

    2023 Ford F250

    Just received an email, got a VIN and said production starts on week of 2/6!!!
  9. WildHorses24

    Business Owners....where do you post jobs?

    Being as my business is sales I've found the best employees are already working somewhere else... I've taken employees from the bank, enterprise rental car and retail stores. I know what type of training they go through and how hard they work, plus I get to see how they treat customers (me) in...
  10. WildHorses24

    Business Owners....where do you post jobs?

    You would have been a better employee for it had they let you I'd bet. I have 3 girls working for me, they make their own hours and get an hour PAID lunch. My only rules in the offices are; 1. Get your work done 2. between the 3, 2 must be in office between 9-5 at all times, other than that...
  11. WildHorses24

    Pre-Runner/Sandcar insurance

    It's not State Farm, your "agent" (read as agent's employee) probably didn't do something right...I have tons of Custom desert/dual sport cars insured with 600hp+... In Fact we just paid a HUGE claim on a buddies $100k street legal sand car from an accident in Glamis. Find an agency that knows...
  12. WildHorses24

    SB Sheriffs High desert OHV crackdown in effect

    We usually make a trip annually for the past 25 years, wife's side of the family has a 4wd club. Never really enjoyed riding out there, great place....cough cough shitty place to go and 4x4...stay away...
  13. WildHorses24

    SB Sheriffs High desert OHV crackdown in effect

    Man, I have to agree. We used to ride out of Stoddard Wells, among many other places, back in the 90's/00's, I hadn't been in years... decided to do a quick day trip with my boys and buddies this year. WHAT A SHIT HOLE that place turned into, felt like i was in Mexico, huge piles of trash...
  14. WildHorses24

    Negativity / Content / RDP

    Infinite Banking doesn't happen over night, takes a bunch of money since ROI isn't what it used to be on these products like in the past... post up when you get advice. I'd bet your adviser would suggest policies on the kids since their "cost of Insurance" is next to nothing, then just overfund...
  15. WildHorses24

    Negativity / Content / RDP

    I have to agree with your buddy a little but it's all about your prospective. There's always an expert with 10 minutes of experience that waters down the advice of true professionals, there's always a member that has to play "devils advocate" and there's always a member that goes off topic for...
  16. WildHorses24

    Solar NEM 3.0 - this will absolutely change the game - stop procrastinating NOW

    Lets say my neighbor is looking to add solar and upgraded his panel to 200A without a permit. (Everything was done to code of course) Would that neighbor have issues when adding solar and getting the City to sign off? :rolleyes: Also, if you add batteries later down the road are you still...
  17. WildHorses24

    Help me decide

    This! 😂 Wife has the Expedition MAX Limited, love it, 2 boys in multiple sports.... tons of room AFTER the 3rd row. Still get 20mpg on the highway. Hauls ass, trans can be junk so buy the warranty. I personally like the interior better than GM but I've always owned Fords because we get X-Plan...
  18. WildHorses24

    Boat insurance for boats over 10 years old...heads up

    I can tell you with confidence this isn't an industry standard. Just one broker or one carrier, the sky isn't falling....yet.
  19. WildHorses24

    RV Storage Fire - Trails End RV Storage Stanton

    Thanks my buddy was on scene and texted me as they were putting it out. My unit literally sits next to the hydrant but the wind was blowing my direction and the fucking bums started a 3rd fire behind my unit so I have no idea if the back of my enclosed is fucked or not. There was 3 separate...
  20. WildHorses24

    RV Storage Fire - Trails End RV Storage Stanton

    Just got a text from an AFD buddy who just left Trails End RV storage, said 15+ units burned many more with heat damage. Fire was in the first area close to the Chapman entrance by the main office.... which of course is where I store my RV and Enclosed trailer. Mentioned the units burned were...