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  1. howard21

    Jack Smith Ramp

    What a joke!. Ramp is run by the city of Needles. No wonder town is a friggin disaster!
  2. howard21

    Any corvette gurus in here.

    Valve covers are not correct. The ones on car appear to be aftermarket.
  3. howard21

    Parker 1965

    I believe this was shot for Howard Boat's. He used it for an ad.
  4. howard21

    Suing a lawyer for legal malpractice in Riverside County CA

    I just hired David W Duke. His office is in Temecula. He was referred by another Attorney. Finding one to sue another Attorney is not that easy. Phone 818-784 6899.
  5. howard21

    Surf restrictions on the Parker Strip

    There is a safety issue as well. Couple weeks ago I was up at Shasta. Lot of surf boats from Oregon. I was going up a narrow cove and there was a boat with at least 10 people on it. It was throwing a huge wake. Wake was so big you could not see surfer behind boat. Red flag should be...
  6. howard21

    Needles.....Making CA Great Again

    Needles should focus on fixing River Road. What piece of shit. I have driven on dirt roads in better shape. Needles is a shit town. Getting worse every year!
  7. howard21

    Vegas Supercross is on USA Network today

    Agree Cant watch until 10 pm, After is friggin over!
  8. howard21

    Dave, How do I get a couple of RD shirts with blower motor?

    Dave, How do I get a couple of RD shirts with blower motor?
  9. howard21

    High desert life?

    I live in the area of of Sitting Bull and Apple Valley Rd's. Lived in AV for 45 yrs now. Lot of changes for sure. Still good areas to live in. I'm an agent a sell a lot of property in High Desert. If interested call me 760-559-9257 Rick
  10. howard21

    Boat / car show Needles

    I went and still had good time. Yeah attendance was down, but I'm sure weather was a big factor. Pretty crappy until day of show. I did notice there was not as much police presence like earlier years. CHP was there with a booth. Maybe city told local sheriff to stand down. Not really a MS 13...
  11. howard21

    What was the first boat you single skied behind?

    1969 @ Shasta Lake behind my dads 1966 Wickens Whirlwind Aqua Craft . Still have the ski hanging in garage.
  12. howard21

    Your 1st Motorcycle as a kid?

    I had a Taco as well and then a Penton 125. The sachs engine had a lot of issues shifting, but they were the bike to have. Wish I still had them both today! Still have my dads 71 Husqvarna 400 cross sitting in my garage.
  13. howard21

    Schaida baseline upland

    Mike Shasta is a great place to boat. 100 deg and water is warm and like glass. Long haul but worth it. BTW it's been almost 10 years since i bought boat from you. Time flys. Boat still runs good and and still looks good. Blower motor can suck the fuel but still is a blast to drive. Hope...
  14. howard21

    Schaida baseline upland

    I have AAA RV towing. Told them it was boat. They put it on flatbed.
  15. howard21

    Schaida baseline upland

    Thanks to all of you for stopping to help!! AAA towed it on a flat bed to John @Concept Marine. Was taking it there for some V Drive work. Nice to see so many boaters out and about willing to help a brother out!!
  16. howard21

    Schaida baseline upland

    Hi Mke, Yeah I was pretty lucky boat/ trailer did not come off hitch on freeway. I just came back couple of days before after spending week at Shasta. Driving on I-5 is like driving in a 3rd world country. Rough and tore up beyond imagination. While pulling it to Concept Marine hitch broke in...
  17. howard21

    Who is watching "Breaking Bad"

    Best series ever. I miss Tuco and his uncle but story should still be good.
  18. howard21

    Bad ass Deputy takes on two in in his own house.

    About two weeks ago his house got broken into and numerous items taken. Looks like guys came back for the safe. There is a crew working the IE including the High Desert where this is occuring. Guys break in steal what they can and find a gun safe. Come back during the night and do a take...
  19. howard21

    What Boat did You First Ski / WB Behind?

    1966 Wickens Whirlwind. Lake Shasta late sixties. Back then you had the entire lake to yourself.
  20. howard21

    UC Davis Pepper Spraying

    Dont' expect police to ask in a nice manner. Just saying police fell right into the fools trap. Now Pepper Spray will be next tool taken from police. Gotta be smarter than a dozen college students. Using a cannister of OC that size on a bunch of UC Davis pussies was foolish.