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    Big mistake

    Laying here reading the different posts.... well I farted and gassed myself from a wrinkle in the sheets That’s all........
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    Change this thing

    How is this changed?
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    Interior light

    Has anyone figured out how to make these RGB?
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    Site 6 2.0

    Lake pleasant in Phoenix, haggling people that are returning rentals! scorpion bay Mariana
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    How many times can I double check

    Nervous, only get one shot at this
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    What’s GRADS stand for?

    What’s the meaning behind the name?
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    Interesting perspective

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    Wetsounds dealer

    Any forum members a wetsounds dealer? Going to spend my Trump check. Need to be able to ship to Phoenix
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    Cp dual color switches

    Anyone have any experience with these? They have a sticker that shows the use, curious if it will come loose in the heat? https://www.cpperformance.com/p-90626-dualtri-color-led-lighted-low-profile-22mm-push-button-switches-w-available-labels.aspx
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    Sending parts out

    With everything going on and the threat of businesses closing for a period of time or permanently. How would you feel about sending parts off to get worked on. I need to have some parts powder coated
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    Plan B

    2 pills the next morning.... say they are ibuprofen
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    If grads wasn’t gay!

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    Dick pics

    Always a joy selling something on Craigslist! I have a group text going for all the scammers that I send dick pics to at random Might be petty, but satisfying
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    Sold 2008 Rage’N BH3605 5th wheel

    2008 Rage’N BH3605 5th wheel. 36’ toy hauler. Triple axle, 2 slide outs, dual air conditioning, 394.8 hours on generator(Onan 5500 marquis gold). Everything is in good condition, Indoor and outdoor stereo, fuel station, good awning. Any questions 4807883314 text or call 20,000obo. Located in...
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    Adult things not to do

    Well I’m 32 and I just shit my pants at work....
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    I’m the poo poet

    I’ve been doing this for a while, figured I’d share
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    Gift idea

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    Unique holiday traditions

    Anyone have any?