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  1. dirtyduner

    New "Used" Truck

    I have been eyeing new trucks for the last year. My 2010 Cummins had suited me well. I got a screaming deal on it exactly 5 years ago and put 90k miles on it and some of those miles were HARD towing miles but it was time to move to a dually. I also pull trailers pretty much daily for work. I...
  2. dirtyduner

    What changed in your 30's?

    I turn 30 tomorrow, and for some reason I am a little freaked out. I hear people say that their 30's felt like the best dayz of their lives. I don't believe that shit! I am done having children, factory is closed. Bought a house, gonna be here a while. Am still terrible with money. What...
  3. dirtyduner

    What brings people into your business?

    I work for a very successful Toyhauler dealership in the Phoenix area doing sales and marketing. I have been blessed to do a ton of different things with the company. The company has 4 locations, 3 in phoenix, 1 in flagstaff with the Mesa and West Phoenix location being the busiest locations...
  4. dirtyduner

    Ride to Desert Storm.

    anyone from Phoenix area heading out to DS either Wednesday night or Thursday morning? wife has to work Thursday and trying to not end up with 2 vehicles in Havasu. Will help with gas, provide beer and snacks, or all of the above. Trying to get there before street party if possible!
  5. dirtyduner

    Whats the crossover-Boat & Offroad?

    I am curious as to how many people here hit the desert in the winter and the lake/river in the summer. These are the 2 main things we love to do with our family. Living in Phoenix, where we really only have 2 seasons, We are usually at the Lake or the Dunes/Desert. Just curious how many live...
  6. dirtyduner

    Silver Lake Sand Dunes

    Well, Just got back from a Jam Packed weekend in Michigan. A little on how this trip came about, Dunestars is a group of buddies from Michigan who are putting on events out there and building a community. The two founders of Dunestars reached out to me about a month ago and asked if I wanted to...
  7. dirtyduner


    Name is Jake, Grew up in Phoenix Area going to the lake on Wakeboard Boats. Was introduced to Havasu last summer for the 4th of July and we loved it so much we spent all of July there. We do Glamis in the winter and now Havasu in the summer as I am sure a lot of others do. just got back from...