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  1. Big B Hova

    2018 Shockwave 24FS toy hauler - front bedroom - Holy grail

    Asking $23,500 or best offer Selling my 2018 Shockwave 24fs toy hauler. Not sure why its classified as a 24 because its 28 feet plus the tongue. 6500lbs dry if i remember correct. Bank holds Pink slip still (financed) Bought new from Mike Thompsons RV with full extended warranty / tire...
  2. Big B Hova

    Rust stains on drive way under toy hauler

    Anyone know why I have rust stains forming under my toy hauler on the concrete driveway just below where the 2 6 volt batteries sit? My last trailer did it too. Why?
  3. Big B Hova

    Looks like LA is shut down

    Just saw it on the news "Safer at home" order
  4. Big B Hova

    I need more

    Boats and Hoes and less fake news . Post some pics below
  5. Big B Hova

    Proud dad moment

    Bought a Honda Crf 50 off of ChumpChange. Taking out the trash cans the other day i hear a dirt bike fire up. My 3.5 year old son figured out how To start it. Fast forward to today camping in Cal City He's enjoying every minute of his new dirt bike
  6. Big B Hova

    Corn flakes and masturbation

    John Harvey Kellogg invented Cornflakes in 1878 in the hope that plain food would stop people masturbating. Mr Kellogg, the man who created Corn Flakes, produced the cereal in the late 19th century and marketed it as a “healthy, ready-to-eat anti-masturbatory morning meal”.
  7. Big B Hova

    KC Chiefs win the world series!

    Great game. Super Stanley cup playoffs are always good games.
  8. Big B Hova

    2017 rzr xp4 1000 - stock & low miles

    ---------------------------- NEW PRICE $16,000 ----------------------------- 2017 rzr xp4 1000. 342 miles. 29 hours. Like new. Extended warranty i believe has 2 years left? Kept on battery tender. Current registration. Bank has title still. New air filter and pre filter. Fresh oil change...
  9. Big B Hova

    LSX tuner needed

    Looking for a recommendation of a shop near the SFV that can tune my truck for driveability. Silverado single cab Lq9 6.0 motor. 11 to 1 compression. Small cam. Holley 92mm cable throttle body. Anyone?
  10. Big B Hova

    Specialized hard rock mountain bike

    Like new condition. I have the original seat somewhere. 21 speed. Shocks up front. Disc brakes. Not aure exact size but im 6' and bike is comfortable. Will throw in big ass seat for free. $250 or best offer. Or trade for jet bote.
  11. Big B Hova

    cHrisTmaS LigHTs KeEp oN F**kInG uP!

    Last 3 years I have bought All new LED light strands for the house. I install them with care. Use the plastic clips that slide under the roof tiles so there is no staples or hooks to damage wires. And for 3 years in a row I have had to return all the lights because strands keep going half...
  12. Big B Hova

    Filtered drinking water

    Redoing ny kitchen right now and I want to put in a filtered water faucet. Single filter vs 3 filter vs reverse osmosis? Kinda leaning towards just a single filter. Any water experts here?
  13. Big B Hova

    Frigidaire Appliances

    Gas range, microwave / hood combo and dish washer. All work perfect and in great shape. Remodeling kitchen and buying new appliances. $350 firm located in san fernando valley, CA
  14. Big B Hova

    Holy Grail - 2002 Silverado extra cab - fully loaded

    SOLD! RDP price $4800 Holy grail of silverados. No electronic shit. No failed lifter bull shit. No $5000 tailgate that folds down and rattles like a mother fucker in 3 years. 2002 Silverado 143xxx miles 5.3 / 4l60 / 2wd Tow package / 3.73 gears Currently smogged (smog good for 2 more...
  15. Big B Hova

    Get some pork on her fork!

    This is a funny ass read. Fuckin hipsters..... check it out https://www.foxla.com/news/thousands-to-attend-bbq-in-front-of-australian-vegans-home-who-fought-with-neighbors-over-barbecuing PERTH, Australia - Thousands of people plan to attend a barbecue in front of the home of a vegan...
  16. Big B Hova

    Sum Ting Wong

    Sum Ting Wong with RDP lately
  17. Big B Hova

    Fake it till you make it

    Had a journeyman carpenter "Door guy" show up to my job yesterday (but I wasn't there) So it was my first time meeting him today. Brand new to our company. No one knows him. My first impression is "Wow this guy is dressed way to nice for a jobsite". Then I saw his harbor freight furniture...
  18. Big B Hova

    Oldschoolboats call out thread!

    Can't believe this guy...... He refi's my house.... Cashs out some equity.... Gives me a discount.... Got me a great rate... And Joe and his company are super easy to work with. Reason why im calling him out? Because as soon as my loan funds he conveniently puts his boat up for sale! LOL...
  19. Big B Hova

    40 west past Ludlow

    Traffic slow due to bad accident
  20. Big B Hova

    What car did you first throw up in

    My wifes 05 tahoe. Like 2 weeks old. I puked all over the passenger window (I thought it was down) well it wasnt.... but then i rolled it down. What a mess. Had to pull the door panel off to clean it.