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    Building a fire resistant room

    All of the fire ratings you see on building materials are based on ordinary combustibles. Most of today’s products are built with highly flammable materials that burn hotter, so a 30 or 60 min rating is only good for less than half that in the real world. translation... your couch, bed...
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    New COVID mask

    Here’s the real evening attire
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    All planes grounded in most of So Cal tonight Hot News

    Hi I’m from California.... I demand attention
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    Outdrive lock nut lost key.

    If you have the original paperwork it will have a key number, you can call the manufacturer and get a new one
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    Wrench/tool question?

    Sorry you’re both wrong, that’s officially a god damnit wrench
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    Sold 2008 Rage’N BH3605 5th wheel

    Sold for 17, just FYI
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    Optima batteries

    Not sure about costs, but optima has gone down hill. There are a few good posts in the last few months about batteries. I just got X2 power from patterned plus. but all this will be worthless if your billet battery boxes are for optima
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    Big mistake

    Laying here reading the different posts.... well I farted and gassed myself from a wrinkle in the sheets That’s all........
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    Gater step or equivalent

    How does it stick to the floor texture
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    Change this thing

    I cannot find it
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    Change this thing

    Ha ha real funny!!!!
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    This sucks!

    Hold my beer
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    Change this thing

    How is this changed?
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    Boat storage

    What’s that cost?
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    Towing cover

    https://www.amazon.com/LUVERNE-255200-15-Inch-Textured-Hitch-Mounted/dp/B06XTS6K7B You might consider something like this along with the cover
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    Old gas

    Some waste transfer stations or dumps have hazardous materials disposal
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    Palm tree guy.......

    All Trees Matter
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    I’m the poo poet

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    No Flushible Butt Wipes In California

    Stop voting for these idiots and you can have your wipes