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  1. howard21

    Parker 1965

    I believe this was shot for Howard Boat's. He used it for an ad.
  2. howard21

    Breaking Bad

    Anyone watching season 4? Looks like it's going to be a good season.
  3. howard21

    Bubba Stewart gets arrrested

    Looks like Stewart has some issues. He was arrested in Florida for pulling over two off duty cops with a red and blue light in his truck. He was arrested after they followed him to the airport. He bailed out of jail this morning.
  4. howard21

    Son joined the US Navy

    My 20 year old son got tired of being a full time college student and joined the Navy. He enlisted as a Surface Machinist Mate. Anyone here been there done that? I think it's a good move.
  5. howard21

    Ups and Down Poster

    Anyone know the history of the poster? Couple of years ago I bought a couple of reproductions from a guy on Hot Boat. Curious on time photo was taken, who may have owned boat etc etc. I did hear it was taken at Parker.
  6. howard21

    Question about outdrive

    What would cause a Bravo Outdrive to engage into gear slowly? Engages into reverese OK but has a long hesitation when placed into drive position. Thanks
  7. howard21

    Looking for Coleblooded

    I'm looking for a number for Coleblooded. I'm interested in his boat. It was for sale last month. Left a couple of PM's. So far no response. I think his name is Kevin and he lives in Hesperia. Thanks in advance. Rick 760-559-9257
  8. howard21

    Lead Foot Gear

    I bought a couple of shirts from lead Foot Gear who have an add on RD's. They were top quality. For you V Drive guys they have a real nice V drive boat shirt. Check them out.
  9. howard21

    Wanted Parker House

    Looking to rent a house at Parker for three months. November - Jan. Looking for place on the water on Arizona side. No keys Contact info rroelle@sbcsd.org 760-559-9257
  10. howard21

    Looking for a good Custom Painter

    Anyone know of someone in the High Desert area ..Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia that can paint name Cf #'s on a boat? Thanks