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  1. Big B Hova

    Boat Insurance....Thank you to Andy01!

    Same here
  2. Big B Hova

    Boat Insurance....Thank you to Andy01!

    I thought he wasn't doing insurance anymore?
  3. Big B Hova

    [WTB] Looking to buy...

    Toying with the idea of selling my 2500 ram since im in the process of selling toy hauler 2018 2500 bighorn diesel 4x4 . 16k miles.
  4. Big B Hova

    Need a specific size cutting board

    You can use corian product for cutting boards. Its only 3/8 thick, but you can glue to pieces together and make it seamless, solid surface. Cuts and routers just like wood.
  5. Big B Hova

    Call out!

    Can't they just settle this with a drink at a bar? Oh wait..... never mind #Covid-19 #Youcangotohomedepotbutnotabar
  6. Big B Hova

    2018 Shockwave 24FS toy hauler - front bedroom - Holy grail

    Actually been used like 10 times. 5 trips to Pirates. 2 trips KOA. 3 desert trips. 1 needles marina trip. LOL
  7. Big B Hova

    2018 Shockwave 24FS toy hauler - front bedroom - Holy grail

    Asking $23,500 or best offer Selling my 2018 Shockwave 24fs toy hauler. Not sure why its classified as a 24 because its 28 feet plus the tongue. 6500lbs dry if i remember correct. Bank holds Pink slip still (financed) Bought new from Mike Thompsons RV with full extended warranty / tire...
  8. Big B Hova

    Fathers day weekend

    You should match your boats graphics on the moho. That would be sssiicckk
  9. Big B Hova

    Thoughts on Illmor engines?

    How come you never see any aircooled vw powered boats?
  10. Big B Hova

    Thoughts on Illmor engines?

    Can't go wrong with a low horsepower 454. They just purrrrrrrrrr along
  11. Big B Hova

    [SOLD] 2012 BMW K1200GT

    Man that thing has more trunk space than a honda civic!
  12. Big B Hova

    Old gas

    Put it in 5 gallon jugs and go to a random parking lot and fill up peoples tanks. They will think your a good person just paying it forward
  13. Big B Hova

    Drink X

    Is there a 32oz tumbler option with a shitload of ice and mostly vodka? Asking for a friend
  14. Big B Hova

    F'r cut my catalytic converter off my V-10 Excursion

    I have never had a smog shop here in san Fernando valley check the numbers on my cat. Id buy a 49 state one
  15. Big B Hova

    Toy hauler comparison! Any one have expertise

    I might be selling my 2018 Shockwave 24FS (box actually measures almost 28 feet plus tongue) Crazy roomy non slide toy hauler. 13 foot deep garage, 2 captains chairs, 2 TV's, Single larger AC. Upgraded speakers inside and out. Elect. bed, awaning. Awesome set up. 2 axles. 6500lbs dry I believe...
  16. Big B Hova

    RDP has shrinkage

  17. Big B Hova

    [WTS] 2016 Yamaha YZX

    If the new buyer is financing, he can get a loan for it, and his bank can handle the paperwork. Thats how I sold my RZR
  18. Big B Hova

    Barstow Del Taco vs the rest of the Del Tacos

    Barstow Del Taco is the holiest grail of Del Tacos. Better quality. Larger tacos. Fresh. No matter how busy barstow is, and how long the line is, its always a quick bite to eat there. And they have decent bathrooms.