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  1. Bear Down

    Labrador Breeders- So Cal/AZ??

    Good morning Inmates, ' I will soon begin a hunt for a new member to our family in the next few months, wanted to get any insight on local breeders in So Cal. If anyone has any personal experience with any, it would be appreciated. My preference is to get the lab as a puppy, I've never adopted...
  2. Bear Down

    Any Rancho S. Margarita Residents**Dove Canyon area??

    Good morning , any one live in this area or is really close by? Looking for a small, quick favor (drop off at home).
  3. Bear Down

    So Cal Bulk Food buying- Baldwin Park. March 21-22

    A vendor of our who distributes to restaurants is have a drive through food sale. Good for those who want to avoid supermarkets 300 N Baldwin Park Blvd, City of Industry, CA 91746 Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Just got this in my inbox... pretty sick deal (pun intended). For those who laugh in the face of infection. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  5. Bear Down

    Best Option to Sell Car in California *won't pass smog*

    So for 2 years I have been on borrowed time with my beloved Honda. Its had a bad Cat for 2 years and I have no interest in buying a replacement at $2k plus for new or $1200-$1500 for used ones with 80,000 miles plus, I just put $1000 worth of maintenance in the car and will be needing $650...
  6. Bear Down

    High Blood Pressure**ADVISE NEEDED**

    Good morning All, Was hoping to get some insight before I jump on the medication band wagon.. I am 44, in good shape, not over weight and hit the gym 3-4x a week and am really active with the kids. Not a clean eater, but don't eat junk food either and don't drink coffee much, about 4 cups a...
  7. Bear Down

    ONLINE BANKING..Which one. Capital One/Ally/Discover

    Currently Have US Bank for Checking and Savings and really like them, except for the $14.95 monthly Fee I get for using them. Unless I get a credit card through them, which has a $99 yearly fee and no rewards, I am stuck with the fee. Unless someone suggest a Credit Union I can Join off the...
  8. Bear Down

    Dog Barking Issues? Solution!

    Good morning All, I have had the worst luck with neighbors and barking dogs for the past 6 years. In my previous home, it was a neglected Pitbull mix that barked at every single sound, birds flying, talking in our house, fart in the bathroom, super sensitive hearing. Neighbors were never home...
  9. Bear Down

    DIY- Shower Tile Replacement- Can of worms?

    Am I opening a can of worms by thinking of removing tile from my shower and reinstalling new ones? It can't be as simple as removing the existing tile and reusing the cement board and removing adhesive is it? I installed a Shit ton of Tile with my dad as a kid, but this was like 25 years...
  10. Bear Down


    Wanted to get an up to date on what is the best parking spot at LAX. Lot C is closed and short of asking for a HELOC for the Parking Spot, any others that have been used recently that are manageable? Wally Park has been subpar with Shuttle wait times, but seems like its the norm everywhere...
  11. Bear Down

    Projector Rental- Inland Empire

    Good morning Guys, looking for a projector rental for this weekend, any local shop recommendations? Located in Upland.
  12. Bear Down

    Home Window repair-Upland

    Any recommendations for the upland area? Bedroom window got wiped out with a school yard ball. Need fixed or replaced asap... Thanks all Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  13. Bear Down

    Pocket knife blade staining.. HK Patrol

    Have had this HK for 4 years, but became stained pretty quickly. Believe or not, I use my knives for work (produce) cutting veg and fruit. I have some other high end knives for longer and zero staining while using it the same way. Any recommendations on how to remove stains? Its a PIA...
  14. Bear Down

    Cell phone Signal Booster-Sprint

    Had this for my company phone but we switched providers. Had it for 2 months, it's a pretty pricey gadget $150 ish... will trade for captain and crown royal... or anything really. LoL. I have no need for it, but does work great. Perfect condition Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  15. Bear Down

    Youth Baseball Camps* 10U

    Son just finished his spring ball, looking for a local (somewhat) camp near Upland for the summer. Not about to put him in Travel Ball, even though he is good enough to compete, but the plan is to keep him the Rec' leagues and get him in High School ball. Also, he has played for Charter Oak...
  16. Bear Down

    GAS LAMP S.D- Dinner Options

    Headed to Gaslamp for a concert in the Gas Lamp Dist. Looking for a place for a great dinner and drinking experience. Would like to eliminate wasting time trying to figure it out while there or sorting through 150 4-5 star Yelp reviewed places. What we enjoy are old derby style restaurants...
  17. Bear Down

    Ocean Vessel**'Merica!

    So I am the typical Mexican selling fruit...Just on a different scale than the Paisas on the corner with bags of oranges... But all the same, feeding families. So today I am going to an event, something that not many people globally have done nor have access too. As I go through the event...
  18. Bear Down


    I feel really bad for the shut down and those that are effected by not being paid.... But damn, traffic to and from DTLA has been great for the past 3 weeks!! Anyone else notice?
  19. Bear Down

    Selling a California Car Out of State**CATALYTIC CONV ISSUES*

    looking for some advise here... I have a awesome running 2010 Accord.. but unfortunately I need to replace both of my CAT's since they have failed (V-6). I have another year and a 1/2 before I need to smog the car again. By that time, my car will be close to 185k Miles. I am not willing to...
  20. Bear Down


    Looking for a few referrals I can call and get a feel for 2019 and beyond. time to jump ship with my current accountant of 22 years. My taxes are simple, 20 + years in Sales, single income family. Live in Upland and would like someone in the region I can drive to. Any and all...