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  1. Patyacht


    Just get an LLc and be done with the AZ Bullshit!
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    Toy hauler comparison! Any one have expertise

    My .02: Having just sold a 42' Raptor 5th wheel, the Raptor, Fusion and Momemtum make the best 5th wheels in your price range, but they ALL have issues. I'd never buy a Thor product. They cut corners more than the rest of them. Measure the Garage. If they say 12' usable it WILL BE LESS...
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    Baller Toon

    Had a friend here in Havi build 2 of these and because of deck delamination issues ending up building a toon from another manufacture.
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    Son of a bitch...they took away Elmer Fudds gun

    Nope!! Damit!!
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    Off Roading with Car to Car Comms - A Quick Guide

    Not totally true. Rugged uses China based/made equipment whereas PCI uses better equipment like Kenwood and Icom radios and their intercoms are made in shop (LA Area) in the USA.
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    Off Roading with Car to Car Comms - A Quick Guide

    Do you have access to the back of your radio? I have the equipment and do it for my riding group. If you do have access just take a multi-meter and do a continuity test. That will tell if you are grounding out or not.
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    Arizona Peace Trail questions

    I've done the AZPT 3 times. Once counter-clockwise and 2 times clockwise. The trail is actually only about 675 miles unless you do some of the connector tracks. Go to the AZPT web site, https://arizonapeacetrail.org/ There under the Trail Resourses Tab you will find the most current track, GPX...
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    Trail Date Set For Tim McDonald

    Front Page 2/13/2020 Lake Havasu News-Herald
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    boat tax bill

    I think the bought in AZ will require you to pay AZ not CA sales take as long as documented delivery was in AZ not CA. The USCG Documentation gets you out of the Annual Registration fees but not the sales tax. AZ law says if your boat is Documented you do not have to register the boat annually.
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    Boat sinks in havasu boat fire

    I was in the boat business for 20 + years before I retired. I bought my last boat from Preston and he is a stand-up guy. I know nothing about what happened about this fire but I do know Preston and have the up-most-confidence he will do the right thing! He's the best boat dealer in Havasu!!!!
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    Current boat with specs! (I/o, pontoon, bass boat, kayak, anything you currently have)

    2019 29' Trifecta with twin 400R's. Great Havasu boat.
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    Anyone know of a place in Havasu where I can buy a sissy bar RAM mount for a RZR. Trying to mount a new LIVE 7 to the sisy bar for a RZR and I need it done by COB Thursday.
  13. Patyacht

    Legend Performance Marine - New Dealer in WA! Also a Nordic Dealer!

    Tony, spend some bucks and go boat Eastern WA and Idaho. So beautiful and the water is crystal clear. I used to boat that area with my Advantage and DCB. There are more performance boats in the area than one could imagine. Lake Roosevelt in WA is 150 miles long and the Idaho lakes (Priest...
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    Utah off road

    Most of the west coast states are doing away with the reciprocal licensing of past except for CA right now. AZ is now requiring out of staters to pay $25 for an off-road sticker. Utah just started charging $30 and Colorado has had this requirement for years.
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    Offroading where I've never been before

    The railroad bridge can be seen in the 1966 movie "The Professionals". It starred Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, Robert Ryan, and Claudia Cardinale, with Jack Palance, Ralph Bellamy, and Woody Strode in supporting roles. See about the 2.37 mark: Besides the Bat Caves, there are many places to...
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    Refuge building ???

    35' and 44' "Bananas" not stored here and never have been. Stored at the Islander! Lots of other boats stored here in their garages or in our storage lot. If 35 Nordic is stored here it's in his garage.
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    Refuge building ???

    Never was. Rumors although I do know of 1 house with that issue and it was his own fault!!
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    Refuge building ???

    Yes I built in 2013 and have a 60' 13' high RV Garage. Think I was the 1st to build true RV garage. Since then the DRC has new members and RV garages are welcomed.
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    RDP 2019 Regatta Pic Thread

    Can anyone post an aerial location shot of the "new" sand bar that Thane found by accident. Could save from someone getting hurt in the future. Thanks in advance!!!
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    Well.... shit.

    I used to check my fuel. Never found over 7% so I stopped checking. Maybe I need to dust off the old checker and start checking again.