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    So we picked up our Polaris General 4

    Dont listen to RD. Im usually floating in the pool with a cocktail on the weekend. We are not usually open on weekend but ill PM you my cell. Shoot me txt when you are in town and ill meet you at the shop. I also run lead nav so I can show you some of the basics on it. As much as I would like...
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    What was the total carnage of the weekend?

    On a positive note, one of the boat sheriffs was just in the shop getting some parts and we got to talking. He said this year was very mellow. DUIs were down and the majority of the boaters they pulled over had a driver that was stone sober. I think social media and forums play a huge roll in...
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    So we picked up our Polaris General 4

    Congrats on the new ride. I really like the new Generals. Next time your in town, swing by the shop and you can text out the PCI set up. I dont think you need external speakers when you have it unless you like to listen to music while you are stopped. But thats why you bring RD along with you...
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    Getting Ready to Buy A Polaris General

    Sorry I am late to the party, We have been in Moab Utah slinging parts and fixing cars. I dont have a lot of time with the ride command, but the time I do have, not a huge fan. I think the aftermarket still does it better. Personally I use a ipad with lead nav. Its great, when we did the...
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    Rally on the Rocks 2017...Anyone going?

    I leave from Havasu Friday, head to San Diego to drop off the dog at my parents, Ontario at 6am to get in the motorhome and we will be headed out. Monday is set up and then it begins. This is my first year, Im excited to be out there. Swing by the SXS Trailer and say hello. We have some cool...
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    Nerfing Video Ranger vs RZR1000

    I have to give credit to Eric for building a hell of a ranger. He drove the wheels off big bertha. I expected him to wreck it. It did well and that was a damn good time. Kyle
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    Havasu Boat Show, coming April 7-9

    Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you this weekend. Make sure you come by Clifford (the big red semi) and say hello to the SXS Performance crew. We will be located close to the Porta-Pottys. Kyle
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    Can Am X3 Max

    That one will be in the UTV Sports magazine booth at the boat show Friday then it is off to an adventure ride for the magazine. I just got off the phone with Havasu Power Sports and they are expecting delivery of their first production cars any day. Which conflicts with what Can Am told us...
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    Pretty Good weekend!

    The Shiada looked great as you idled through the channel, you were aways past us by the time I spotted the boat or else I would have waved you in for a cold beverage. See ya this weekend at the boat show. Kyle
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    Looking for a 1000 4 seater

    If new are you looking to go straight from the dealership to a shop to have it built? We may be able to help you out through one of our dealers then get the build done for you. I will also keep my eyes peeled for a nice used 4 seater. Kyle
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    RDP / SXSPerformance.com ride to Topock Pics!

    We had a absolute blast. That was a day I will never forget. What RD and Eric did not take into account as they nerfed us is that Mikes son is a a racer and I have a fair amount of experience in the passenger seat navigating. so it was a blast riding the back bumper of the ranger to the 40. And...
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    March 17 SXS meet up at In N Out

    Stop on by. We like it all from Jeeps to SXS to hotrods.
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    March 18 Ride To Topock - I have the map..

    Like you guys said its going to be warm. We ran Havasu to Topock Saturday on the west side of 95 and it was awesome! It was so green, weather was perfect and food was delicious. Cant wait to take RDs route and add that to the map collection.
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    Brand New XP900 cage blow out sale

    Come on down to the Lake Havasu store location. I will make sure to take care of you on a XP4 900 cage. Kyle
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    Brand New XP900 cage blow out sale

    We have 1 of these great DG Offroad roll cages left. Powder coated with roof, rear bumper and ready to bolt on. Fits XP 900 $1265 plus Shipping. call today (855)797-7373
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    March 17 SXS meet up at In N Out

    It should be a fun time. Looking forward to seeing everyone.