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    Daytona hatch cover

    Inherited this with our new Daytona. Owner had this custom made and it's in perfect condition. Hatch only does not include any brackets. Pick up in Big River. $100
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    2 Door Tahoe

    I swear there was a post not that long ago about 2 door tahoe's, but I searched and can't find it (I'm blonde, so don't judge if you search and find it!). Anyone have a 2 door tahoe they're looking to sell?
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    Set of 4 tires/wheels

    205/75/14 Wheels are 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern Tires are not in great shape. Set of 4, pick up in Big River $80
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    Magic wheels

    7 wheels taken off our 2005 magic deck **Note**these are not the original "Magic" Wheels-- the previous owner purchased these wheels. 5 on 4.5, 1/2" studs. Value is in wheels, not in tires. One has damage, see pic, purely cosmetic. $275. No trades must pick up in Big River. Will be available...
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    RDP sighting--AV Xpert

    Behind you from Big River, thanks for keeping good pace!
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    I10 East

    Hey y'all! Making my daily drive to the office, and thought I'd give a heads up to those lucky enough to head to the water! Coachella traffic is already starting, and CHP is heavy and hiding. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Eliminator font?

    We just picked up our new Daytona, and my husband wants me to make the CF numbers and name using the Eliminator font. Anyone know what it is or what's the closest? Thanks! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Laughlin-62 to the 40?

    We're headed to Laughlin this afternoon, up through 62, to the 40, and then drop in the back way through town. Anyone know if it's open? I checked CHP and Caltrans, but it's only giving me the main drag into town, and google maps isn't helping! Thanks!
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    Range Rovers?

    Does anyone have a Discovery or Velar? We went shopping the other day for a new work van for my husband, and I saw a beautiful Velar on the lot. I've been casually mentioning about getting a new larger vehicle (but nothing the size of a suburban, unless I can get a 90s body style and trick it...
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    Looking for a new receptionist

    I'm on the hunt for a new receptionist here at the office (located in Indio). Posted on Indeed.com, but wanted to throw it out here too. Candidate must have strong customer service skills, communicate clearly both written and verbally, be able to work independently, and take initiative...
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    Oasis Carports

    So, the garage is finally going up today! Highly reccomend Oasis Carports in Indio!
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    Lake Havasu Boat Parade?

    Hey guys, so we're going to take the big boat to the boat parade, but don't want to drag it home in the middle of the night--does anyone have or know of a park model for rent for the weekend? I called Crazy Horse and they're all booked up :( The springs has rooms, but my husband said I'm going...
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    River pets and their rituals

    What do you all take with you when you travel? We have a 3 year old Australian shepherd, Easy. And a 7 year old Chinchilla, Ziti. They both come with me to the office on the Fridays and Mondays we go to/come home from the river. Easy loves it, and you have to peel him off the walls when he...
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    Kids Redline Mini

    Our son outgrew this bike long ago, and now he's selling to fund a new dirtbike! It's in really good shape, it has just been sitting in the garage forever.
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    Changing the showroom, cabinets for sale!

    We're changing the showroom around, so I've got a 10x10 kitchen for sale. Comes with the counter, splash, and sink! $1500. In Indio. I listed on CL too. Kitchen cabinets and countertops, and stainless steel sink for sale. Raised panel door in coffee color with glaze. All soft close, dovetail...
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    Finance Company Recommendations?

    Okay, I know this is the age old argument, but I'm going to ask for recommendations on a finance company for a high performance boat. I know there are a ton out there, but I figured I would start here first for some true reviews and situations. Before we get off subject, I know, cash is king...
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    Dog boarding in BHC

    So we decided to make a pit stop in Laughlin on Thursday night so we can get massages on Friday before heading to our place Friday afternoon. We'll have our pup with us, and I know he can stay in our room at Harrah's, but he's an asshole and we'd like to sleep. Anyone boarded their dogs in BHC?
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    HIRING: Piece Cabinet Installer

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but maybe someone is looking for some work or knows someone. We're in the Coachella Valley--99% of work is here. Euro boxes. Average kitchen pays 400-500. Option of payroll or 1099. Part time to start, but we're busy enough for a guy full time if...
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    94 Chevy Dually Light Question

    Hi All Our tow rig is a lowered 94 chevy dually, and we've changed all the lights out to a smoke version. I want to change out the fender marker lights too, but I can't find anything beyond a 99. Anyone know of a place that carries them for a 94? Thanks!
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    Looking for an HTM SS24

    We're in the market for an HTM SS24 (NO SR's please!). Not looking for stock power, but for the right price would consider. Must be 2000 or newer. I don't really want a huge project, but if a new interior is needed, again, price needs to reflect. Willing to travel for the right boat. OR, if...