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  1. The 5th Annual Halletts in Havasu

    The 5th Annual Halletts in Havasu

    Not everything in 2020 has been a bust. Just ask the 92 registered Hallett owners who attended the 5th annual Halletts in Havasu event here in Lake Havasu last weekend. Yes, even with a modified event due to COVID restrictions, the loyal Hallett owners showed up in droves to support the event...
  2. Catalina or Bust

    Catalina or Bust

    Todd Haig wins first in Men's Open and first overall behind the 43' Nordic with Randy Davis driving, Steve Davis as Navigator and Dennis Hall as Observer. The 71st running of the world famous Catalina Ski Race took place this weekend in Long Beach, CA with all of the hype and fanfare you would...
  3. FastLoudPhoto

    2018 Route 66 Hot Boat and Custom Car Show

    Last weekend was the much anticipated Route 66 Hot Boat and Custom Car Show in the desert city of Needles (with the “Billy B’s” moniker being conspicuously absent). Just like last year, I was all set to travel with, party with, and of course, shoot the event with my good friends, Daren VanRyte...