1. Tony DCB Boats

    Fade2Black M-35 with twin 1100 Mercury QC4V

    Just finished and delivering the Newest M-35 with twin 1100's and a nice oversize open bow. It literally has all the bells and whistles... Absolutely over the top in typical DCB Fashion. Newest seat design to the huge JL system. As you scroll through the pics, you can see that most everything...
  2. Tony DCB Boats

    M-37R hull #6. Rochester NY

    Pictures do not do the justice deserved of this amazing build. The new DCB customer is from Rochester, NY and his previous boat was a 48 MTI with 1350's. We sold him on the M-37R at LOTO last year. He and his wife are absolutely blown away. He stated to us that he has never has a more custom...