…Latest Roscoe Hardware Fire…

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Sep 7, 2008
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… Roscoe hardware opened up in 1917 and operated as a …has it all …hardware store probably until the early ‘90’s???… The sign on the outside currently says some sort of thrift store… I think the truth of the matter is it is a place for the homeless… constantly breaking in and make it their home… Over the years I am guessing that Roscoe hardware building has had 10 or so fires… last night was the latest… Sun Valley is so used to this place is burning the only one LAPD showed up and they only stayed for about three minutes… Crazy deal???… this is about a mile away from where that motorhome burned last week on old San Fernando Rd.… The Roscoe hardware building is on the regular San Fernando Rd. at the corner of Sunland Boulevard…

… Any of the older guys on the forum that sewed their oats in the San Fernando Valley most likely have been in Roscoe Hardware???…

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Oct 15, 2016
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rosco hardware was the place to go to for things nobody else had and everything else, the owner jack forsche was a pretty good guy , you could walk in and he was usually there.... too bad ,haven't been down there in many years as a kid i used to wander all around that area with my cousins alone when we would go visit or stay with my grandfather, today I wouldn't let my kid stand in the front yard...... do you remember crazy, rounds auto parts, sir sicas, and at one tome there was a small market owned by i think an asian man across the street and also a feed store....used to buy baby chicks..... what memories