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Another set up question....

Discussion in 'I/O's' started by THE Cat Sass, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. THE Cat Sass

    THE Cat Sass Well-Known Member

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    Mar 7, 2018
    Boat build: 27 speedster with TCM 1050. I'm curious about adding an extension box for this small of a boat? Advantages? Improved ride? I know it will help planing time as you can lift the drive and still have the geometry in your favor at the flop but just don't know what other nuances it may bring?

    Opinions? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Tinkerer

    Tinkerer Well-Known Member

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    Oct 8, 2010
    I added a neutral box to my 26 ( same hull as yours ) But I can't tell you what changes it made.
    I did a LOT of changes at the same time as the box.
    I have been told by CAT experts that very few cat's don't like a box.
    Adding a box allows you to mount the drive higher. This also gives the drive more leverage to lift the bow.
    The higher drive height also means in most cased you won't need as much trim at top speed.
    This makes the hull more efficient and faster. My slip factor is roughly 4%
  3. BDMar

    BDMar B & D Marine

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    Oct 24, 2007
    Eliminator doesn't put boxes on the 27 Speedster. According to them that boat doesn't respond to them.
    Call Eliminator and talk to Kenny

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