Atwood Heater on Our Beater.....

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Oct 5, 2018
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past experience, living in the last Southwind for almost two years tells me if the RV furnace (most are Atwood / Suburban), makes any motor noise on startup the motor will eventually noisily dump. and at the time you are freezing your nuts off!
I changed mine this week on the new er 06 Southwind.
There are YouTube videos that show how to.
I have done several but none like this one.
First thing is order the CORRECT replacement motor for your furnace model number.
Appears they are all interchangeable BUT they have different speeds per btu.
These are all over eBay and Amazon, don't pay retail!
You will need a 1/4" nut driver, and a long 1/8" Allen wrench to remove the blower and combustion wheels, needle nose pliers and maybe a torch and a Phillips screw driver,
It's kinda self explanatory see my images.
The combustion wheel,(the right side blower), wouldn't budge.
I heated the center to get the Allen screw loose. It came out but the hub would not come free of the shaft.
See images.
I drilled holes in it till it came off the shaft but was destroyed.
Bad news, appears they don't make the metal combustion wheel any longer.
Good news they make a universal fiber unit that replaces it and it was under $16 inc shipping on amazon making this fix cost right around $100.00 in parts.
Interesting note if either of these wheels have any damage you must replace. If even one fin is broken, it will make noise at speed!
Keep in mind I don't claim my self a pro at anything but shopping. Feel free to chime in with other hints.
Images include access holes in combustion wheel housing and blower wheel for Allen screw removal, motor kit and destroyed old motor and combustion wheel.


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Jan 26, 2008
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I've change a few out,...you're right, PITA...but better to fix than freeze when you need heat...