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Dumont Dunes March 20 - 25 2019

Discussion in 'Member Meetup - Plan Rides / Meet ups / Trips here' started by TPC, Feb 27, 2019.

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    It's the LEO Baker to Vegas relay run and a group of us camp at Dumont and spend a few hours parked next to the Hwy cheering them past.
    I cook up Tri Tip sandwiches one day and smoke the Back Ribs everyone likes another day. On top all that I cook a rice dish that everyone raves about.

    It's a short, quiet kinda trip, usually the S.O.'s and kids stay home but a few do occasionally join us and all are welcome.

    Not many other visitors to the dunes these weekends in the past and the runs across the dunes are always excellent. Very heavy drinking group, runs across the dunes are very fast as well. It's not for everyone but other's do take alternate, slower routes and that's fine with us all and we hook up here and there.

    I'll roll out there probably the 20th. Most stay until Monday or Tues I'll leave Sunday at dawn.

    We camp around/approx C - 11 if you want to roll out your RV and join us:
    Map compiled by YFZ Bob.
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