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Enclosed Trailer love

Discussion in 'Custom Offroad Builds' started by Ballsdeep, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Ballsdeep

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    Feb 25, 2009
    So desert season is right around the corner and I had an idea to tune up the inside of my enclosed trailer before the season starts. Not sure if anyone has any interest but figured I would post a few pix and my progress.

    Last season I purchased a new 24' enclosed trailer to tow behind my motorhome. I bought it brand new and it was bare bones inside with only plywood on the floor and walls and some anchor points. I wanted to try and finish it off a bit including doing something with the walls and floor. Adding some lights of some sort. Securing an
    Additional water tank adding power and building a work bench. Might try and add some cabinets down the road.

    Here is a pix of the trailer when I picked it up last October.


    Inside- please excuse the clutter.


    Wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the walls. A buddy of mine bought the same trailer and painted the floor and walls and it turned out awesome. However when he ordered his, he paid a bit more for nice plywood without a bunch of imperfections. I didn't go that route and the wood they used is cheap plywood and I didn't think paint would look great.

    One day walking through Home Depot I saw that they sold 4x8 sheets of white plastic paneling- they also had all of the corner moldings and seam moldings so I could seam all pieces together. The pieces were like $25 each and were secured to the wall with liquid nails. Seemed like a good idea and wasn't over the top expensive so this is what I decided to do....

    My little helper helping me...

    After getting the entire driver sides of the trailer completed I came out the next morning and was totally disappointed in the outcome. I spent several hours (after kids go to bed) spreading glue all over the sheets and applying the to the walls and then used a floor roller to remove any air bubbles and assure they were sticking. Wrong.... out of total frustration I ripped them all down and threw them all in the trash since it looked like shit.

    Now I'm super frustrated I have wasted a bunch of time and money on this and I have dried liquid nails all over the walls and not sure what to do... I scrapped everything the best I could but there was still traces of it on the wall. It would be easily visible and look like more shit if I painted. I had 2 options- I could reply the entire trailer which would be expensive and time consuming or figure out something else.

    So after giving it some thought and checking out the Depot again I decided on carpet for the walls- sounds strange but actually doesn't look bad.


    Depot sells this indoor/outdoor light weight carpet in 6' and 12' sections for pretty cheap. I tried the 6' section to get an idea if I would like it. I applied it and looked at it for a few days before deciding to do it all.

    I ended up buying 12' sections of carpet along with seam tape and a few cans of 3M super 77 to apply and it worked like a champ. I used some stainless steel staples at the very to and down by the floor to hold everything in place.


    Before diving into this I wanted to kind of keep it simple and not worry about power etc to the trailer. I figured if I needed to power anything I can run an extension cord from my motorhome. One of the issues I had was the lights in the trailer. It came with 2 cargo lights that are crap and only come on when the trailer is plugged into the MH and I have the MH running lights on. Pretty stupid design and the light they put out is terrible.

    So along the lines of cheap and easy I was going to install some cheap 12v LED light strip lights that I bought on Amazon. I have one on the outside of my MH under the awning that I installed and it works good and put out descent light. So I purchased enough light strips to basically wrap around the top of my trailer ( both sides) and could tap into the wire and switch that's already in place for the outside spot lights. Long story short I installed everything and didn't care for the light, it looked pretty hooky and I felt like I was on a party bus so I ended up ripping it all down.


    This opened up another can of worms for lights. So now I need to figure out running 110 into the trailer. I ended up picking up one of these and will install on the front of the trailer. I can run an extension cord from one of My storage compartments on my MH and plug it into my trailer to power light and outlets.


    I'm still working on the outlets and power to the LED lights but I will update later.

    For the floor I ended up finding a place online that sells 25'x 9' wide coin flooring so I ended up buying a roll.



    Floor is in but still need to cut around the wheel wells and pop out the anchor points.

    More to come...
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  2. Icky

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    Jan 11, 2015
    I'll look for a picture, but when I had an enclosed a few years back, I got the brightest LEDs I could from superbrightleds.com you can cut them to length and add connectors. Ran them across the top bars with just the double sided tape. 4-4' sections was like daylight in there, later I connected a battery so I could power them when it wasn't hooked up.

    I like the carpet in the walls, looks good
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  3. Tio Pancho

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    Dec 15, 2010
    BD please check your PM's

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