Great Recipies & Kids Appreciating Things,,,


Wrenching Dad
Sep 20, 2007
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I used to be crazy about Loves Barbeque Restaurants.
Food was original and teriffic.

I went to school with 3 of the sons of the Loves chain founder.
His kids all became loosers, and the chain folded when he died.

Damn they had good food. The BBQ beans,, well,, Google it and see the popularity of them. The Cole Slaw, the ribs,,, damn,, a lost art.

Loves Dads policy with (his) the Love sons was ya make your own way in life.
At 18, they were all kicked outta the nest,, deluxe.
Perhaps he took it too far.

When he died,, the sons were so outta the family business loop,, no one had the Huevos or juice to maintain the quality, keep the ship afloat,, and the entire chain folded.

But I see where the old man was coming from.
He didn't want to give the kids too much,, he wanted them to do as he did,, be original, make it on your own.

I remember some kids in High School that got new cars from their parents.
6 months later the new car was junk.
Cigarette burn hole in the seats.. ran outta oil and the motor puke'd.
A new POS car.
The kids that worked &saved up and bought their own car,, well,, the car was improved from the day they bought it.

As the old fossils are dieing off in our family, we've managed to hang on to their homes.
I've bought out my greedy brother and sisters share, and held on to something we think is a BFD for future generations.
It has to be near impossible for kids today to marry and buy a home. Even in this sliding market.

So, we give them a break,, Alice and I can offer the kids a small payment, made to a family trust, for a home worth far more,, but it's their home now.
The kids appreciate something they have to work for.
Nothing in life is like YOUR OWN.

I'd love to give the house to them on their wedding day,, but making that monthly nut makes them appreciate it more.

Hell, the payment money they shell out goes into a family trust that they'll get a piece of when we pass on.

But, the MFSOB catch on that take is:, Alice is projected to live another 60 years,,,,,,

A niece of our had a baby yesterday, and we've started to line up stuff we've inherited and will be able to pass on to her in a future world that will no doubt be much tougher than the Greatest Generation had to endure.

Oh well,, I wish I could get the recipe for those BBQ beans from Loves,,,


This is... Legendary!
Sep 25, 2007
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Great post TPC

I was lucky enough that I didn't have to work while I was in college, but I did work during the summer time for something to do to pass the time.

the kids who's parents put thousands of dollars a into their bank accounts each month, always amazed me. They'd talk about their parents as if they had kicked them out of the house at 15. Granted I have no idea what their home life was like, but still.

These kids who had all this money had no appreciation for it. No concept of value let alone budgeting, and as such a good sum of there money was gone within 2 weeks of reciving it. I'd be lying if I said I didn't go to the parties they had, or drink the top shelf-hooch they bought, and just say no to certain things.

Unfortunately for most these kids, all the parties, drinking, drugs, and girls, came before going to class, getting an education & bettering one's self, the reason why one goes to college in the first place.

Two I know of ended up going to prision for posession of cocaine. Almost all of them flunked outta school. Those who have jobs are the ones who's parents wised up and cut them off. And the others are still doing what they've been doing for the past 6-7 years... nothing!