HB Desalination Plant


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Jan 24, 2008
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SONGS no big deal..
I have worked with the SCE, Power Engineering Dept (they used to have offices in San Dimas), Substation Engineering Dept, and Appraratus Eng group for 25 years… Same with the SDGE guys..

I bet I can speed dial 10-20 of them right now who might have a different opinion.

As I have mentioned… the greatest asset that SONGS gave the Southern CA,,, was spinning reserves/ intertia to restart a black grid. Dumb ass PUC forced Synchronous Condensers instead of repowering with Nat Gas… Please tell me that SCE didnt try to repower with Nat Gas… we both know they tried there ass off, and was pissed when they where not allowed to.

How did that work our to SCE/ SDGE… I have the guys on speed dial right now who can shed some light on the reliability/costs/maintenace aspects of that Sync Cond… a key question that needs to be asked… Will it work when needed. From what I hear.. no way… its not going to provide the inertia needed. NOPE NOPE NOPE. And we lost 3000mW of power when it shut down. Right.. Was it 2 1500mW running, or 2 1000mW that where still running with MEPPI fucked it all up.

Mohave… I remember that plant… I did a job walk out there to do maintenance on the transformers. If I recall, it was owned by NRG, or someone connected to Fl Power… The cool thing about it was there was a under ground river, that was used as cooling water correct. That was one of the reasons it was shut down. Because of the “new regulations at that time“, that prevented the plant to use that under water river as cooling water… Is my memory right…shit that was 15 years ago or more…
Southern California Edison was the major owner of Mohave Generating Station.
The way it works SCE puts out a RFP for a specific need and a value to location. The Lowest bidder that meets the RFP requirements gets awarded the the contract. Now the winner goes out and builds the power plant to the exact requirements of the RFP. AES was Awarded a couple gas plants and a battery plant.


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Jan 8, 2008
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All good points but I’m not sure even if solar farms covered every square inch of desert the capacity would not meet demand.
It wouldn't. The two at Stateline are "helped" with gas fired plants. Without the gas ants they couldn't even come close.