LAM, I finally finished my kids’ Christmas Present!!!


Dec 18, 2009
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So back around Thanksgiving I ask my kids what they want for Christmas just like every year. Y’all should know there’s a difference between me asking and my wife. My wife does the usual Christmasy gifts, I always go for the outdoor type of thing like peddle boats or 4 wheelers. This year they show me a kit on Amazon, and say “we want a Zip Line!” They show me this kinda sketchy looking 50’ kit you tie up “to your existing” trees. I kinda blew them off and told them they’d get bored with it the first day.
That’s when I started thinking..... which usually gets carried away or I get in trouble. A quick web search turned up a great site for anyone wanting to diy a zip line. Ziplinegear.com. Next, since my house sits up on a natural hill, we busted out the transit and shot it in different directions to see where the best fall was, turned out it was in the place I wanted it most.
So Christmas Day, on their annual dad gift treasure hunt, they first opened a box of cable clamps and various hardware. Next was a spool of cable, followed by really big turn buckles, and more hardware. They finally got it when they opened the box of trolleys and harnesses. I showed them a drawing of what I had in I’m mind and needless to say they were excited.

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Main poles and supports dug, set and poured in February. The mains and anchors are 10 well casing set 8’ deep, supports are 3” and set 6’ deep. Launch pole is 18.5 (final trimmed height) and landing pole ended up 14’, with 16’ natural fall.

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You take off from a 15’ high platform, and ride down to a 10’ high platform.
The landing tower platform is 10”, and when I get a chance I’ll finish the culver slide to get down.

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I like to get them involved in projects. Its the only time “working with dad” doesn’t involve cow shit or hours in a tractor, so they love it too.

It’s late and my videos aren’t loading. I’ll figure it out tomorrow and show the completed project,


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Oct 17, 2007
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Holy crap that’s awesome and him cutting wood is even better.

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Jul 16, 2012
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Damn it Phil. Just what I need, another project. I just spent 30 minutes studying the topo map of my property. I may have to do something similar after we finish the go-kart track.