Las Vegas 6 BR rental house mid term-anyone moving to Vegas, look at this 100% turn key furnished


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Feb 28, 2012
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This is my shining star of a rental, always rented 45-90 at a wack to corporate renters. As we all know, Vegas has taken a hit, I can ride it out, but I am offering this unique opportunity it it fits for you. I best fit for someone moving to Las Vegas that is waiting for a house being built, etc. Rentals like this do not exist in Las V
egas, usually you are sent to a shitty motel for 30 days at huge $.

1. This is NOT a Airbb Party House, don't even try it. You will be tossed out in 1 hour.

2. A good fit for business or someone moving to Las Vegas and need a place to stay at for 30-60 days Max while they shop for a house, etc. Yes, you can have visitors, 10 max in this house please. Understand short term rentals less than 30 days are not legal for the most part in the city. And per city code no more than 5 non blood family members can reside here, I know, odd but they cited me once, no fine. this is not a short term rental.

3. What you get , a house in a super clean and quiet neighborhood just 5 minutes from the strip, west if I-15, north of Sahara. You can Lyft to strip for $7.

4. It has 6 bedrooms, all theme fully furnished, some with queen beds, kings, and two queens, all high end everything down to the 12 HDTV's, yes, 12 including a 72" with a Yamaha surround 7.1. It has 3.5 bathrooms, pool ,extra for heating, spa heat nominal fee. Completely furnished, all bedding, towels, kitchen, pool table, huge new washer/dryer, etc. Garage, RV parking 45' deep. Parking in the garage is required, or in RV area, NO exceptions. Close by park with tennis courts, and most everything is open, it is Nevada!.

If interested PM me. Please do not try to flip it from one family to another for this rental, I do not need the heat from the city inspectors. This rents for nothing less than $6,000 per month in normal times. If you are serious, PM me to discuss, about half of that $ + one time cleaning fee of $350.