Mr Gluerreg and the his Jet Powered Go Kart Incident. Or air show memories.


Wrenching Dad
Sep 20, 2007
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You may not be old enough to remember ads in the back of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines.

One ad was for a homemade pulse jet engine kit by Mr Gluerreg.
Several applications the ad claimed, especially for his jet powered go kart kit.
No compressors or anything fancy, just a coke bottle shaped sheet metal tube with a spark plug and a propane fuel line attached. About twice the size and shape of a bowling pin.

My friends and I went to the old Van Nuys Airport ANG airshow and Mr Gluerreg was there with a booth selling his homemade pulse jet engine kit. Plans, raw parts and pre made/ready to assemble kits for sale.

Gluerreg was a cross between Homer Simpson and Hitler.

He had a working demo go kart with his pulse engine attached. He demo'd on the hour in a roped off area behind his booth on the tarmac.

He fired up the engine and was it ever loud. It glowed red hot and was mounted just above the rear wheels, centered where the old Briggs and Stratton engine used to be.

He took off in the jet powered go kart and at about 5 MPH the engine sputtered,, started to flame out so Mr Gluerreg stood up on the cart, turned and reached back to adjust something, lost his balance and both butt cheeks landed perfectly on the glowing red hot part of the jet engine.

Then the Kart Jet engine re ignited and took off across the Van Nuys airport runways with his family in pursuit.

Last we saw of him and his jet engine was his wife helping him into their Plymouth Suburban 6 nine passenger station wagon to take him to the burn ward at Northridge receiving Hospital.