MUST READ.. A message to Kate Brown!!


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Aug 28, 2018
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Lars Listener sent in a poem written by his little sister as a message to Governor Kate Brown. I think the words work well

Written by: Kala Cota


If only you had done the right thing

Knowing the devastation fire brings

But instead, you smirked and turned your back

You failed us all, just like that

It’s not my problem, it’s Federal land

You have no heart for your fellow man

The winds were coming, you didn’t care

You’re responsible for our despair

Just think, if you had made that call

We wouldn’t be in this place at all

Families fleeing…look at all they’ve lost

Forests gone, as we suffer the cost

Dreams destroyed, gone up in flames

At your feet we lay the blame

If instead of promoting political division

If on humanity, you based your decision

Actually, done your job, a simple task

Protect our citizens, that’s all we ask

Serve the people of this great state

But instead you chose to seal their fate

Climate change wasn’t at fault here

This was orchestrated by you, my dear

Poor forest management played a part

But you could have stopped it from the start

You viewed the damage from your SUV

Invited CNN so they could see

How much you cared, how sad you are

As leaders go you’re below subpar

A boy has died, his grandma, too

People are grieving because of you

If only you had made the choice

To let integrity have a voice

Stopped the fire in its tracks

“Just let it burn.” Who does that?!

We’ll recover, we’re Oregon strong

But we can’t wait until you’re gone.



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Sep 7, 2018
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Music and poetry set with emotion can carry more force than a sledge hammer. The words above are very true.

It is no longer insubordination, nor an insurection aimed towards the federal government. No, it is more like Stalin starving his own people. No respect for the voters, treated like serfs to the crown.