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Sep 20, 2007
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First welcome to RDP.

This is a list of common guidelines that will help you navigate this site.

Do Not Private Message (PM) 460 (Screen name 460) for any merchandise. He is kinda over an old joke... If you do, expect a harsh reply. River Dave and River Diva handle all the merchandise. There is a "Shop" tab at the top.

SWAG = Clothing and Associated items.

LAM or HEYLAM... Hey Look At Me. Check out my new stuff.

VIN... If something is a repost. You may see a picture of Vin Diesel.

RDSUX... Our fearful leader. A sticker that you will find everywhere. One way we identify each others vehicles.

BNAG... Long story but another way to say BANG.

PARKER IS CLOSED...http://www.riverdavesplace.com/foru...s-are-idiots-PARKER-IS-NOT-CLOSED-IT-S-A-JOKE

You may be asked to post a picture of your boat and better half. Also a good idea to mention where you like to boat.

Inmates... What we call ourselves. Originated with JBB. Bonus points for knowing your inmate number.

There are a few grammar nuts on here. We call them Grammar Nazis. Don't sweat it... We don't really care.

Do not post nips, clams, sphincters, schlongs or pubes. You will get a vacation.

Vacation... Night in the box (Temporary Ban) ... You can't post here for a period of time. Depending on what you did.

Infraction... A warning from a moderator. Mostly a joke...They don't really do anything so don't get your panties in a wad if you get one. I like to collect them (Infractions not moderators). :)

Moderator... Babysitters for the Inmates.

Don't be a dick. We are all friends... We do tease and bash each other but make sure it is in good fun.

We can add to this list as needed.
Not open for further replies.