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Official: 2019 Lower River Run

Discussion in 'The Outboard Church' started by Brooks D'Antonio, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Sep 3, 2014
    Hey guys, if you don’t know already we are having the Lower River Run this weekend. The details are shown below. Hope everyone can make it out! For more updates leading up to this weekend please follow our Instagram page @lowerriver_outboards or on Facebook. IMG_7610.jpg

    Attention only 3 more days till the 2019 Lower River Run! Here are some details below...
    • Shirts & Hats will be available for purchase at the event and on the water

    • Launch Time 8:30AM from McIntyre (if you are launching from somewhere else, either meet at mclntyre or catch up to the group.

    • Follow the leader - many of us are unfamiliar with this stretch of river, if that is you, try and stay course to avoid causing damage to your boat (just a recommendation you can do whatever you want)

    •There will be several beer stops along the way, if possible, try and stop with the group for a cold one!

    •River Dave’s Place is sending a photographer to cover the event. Photo opportunities will be available all day, it would be awesome to get some group shots at a sand bar- thanks Dave Johnson •Walter Camp will be our first fuel stop for those that need it. (We, and at least one leader will wait until boats are refilled)

    • The last fuel stop will be at fishers landing where we make our way back to camp

    •Remember there will be a lot of boats on this run, please use common sense we don’t want anyone to get Themselves injured or cause damage to your ride or another members ride

    •Rager at McIntyre when the run is completed!!!

    •Last and most importantly, don’t run out of beer I, as well as the folks who help run this deal look forward to meeting all of you and having a good time!

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