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Apr 3, 2008
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So I made up this permission slip for some of the guys I work with to take home and have signed and returned. LMAO tell me whacha think.:skull

1st Annual Sausage River Run Permission Slip

Date: 8/4/11-8/7/11
Dear Wife or Girlfriend:
As a part of the Shockwave 25ft Tremor program, we will be going on a field trip to the Colorado River/Lake Havasu.
This field trip will provide your Husband/Boyfriend with the opportunity to experience the following: Have fun, experience a weekend with no drama and being on time.
An itinerary and a schedule of our proposed activites during the field trip is included for you're
information only. Please review this material and contact Justin if you have any questions about our plans.

Your Husband/Boyfriend should bring the following supplies on the field trip: Beer, sun block and money. If your Husband/Boyfriend has any special physical or medical problems e.g. allergic to fun or horsepower, please bring this to our attention. Contact Justin if you feel that these problems may interfere with your Husbands/Boyfriends participation in this activity.
We would like you to NOT come along on this exciting learning experience. Please remember to pack your man's private parts so that he may enjoy himself and make decisions for himself in your absence. Thank you for your cooperation.

Consent Form
I will be able to take part in this field trip as a certified man.
Yes ___ No ___
Comments: __________________________________________________________________________
I permit my Husband/Boyfriend to take part in the field trip described above. I have notified Justin of any physical
or medical problems which might interfere with my Man's participation in this activity.
Date: _______________________________
Signature: _______________________________