SCSC'S 2019 Lake Ming "Shoot Out" Presented by Nick Rose Insurance


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Sep 22, 2016
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"The Lake Ming Shoot Out"
Presented by
Ahern Rentals, Amsoil Twins, Jet Re- Nu,
Hot Rods & Hobbies
September 28 & 29, 2019​
Redondo Beach, CA - The Southern California Speedboat Club (S.C.S.C.) is proud to present Sprint Boat racing on Lake Ming. Race fans will be treated to an exciting two day event watching thrilling Sprint Boat Racing featuring some of the fastest boats in the nation.
This years schedule will feature the Crackerboxes, Sportsman Extreme Runabouts & GPS 100 Flatbottoms, Grand National Racing Series, Comp Jets, Formula Lights, and a host of limited Sportsman stock outboard & Jr. classes will duke it out as the racers in each of these classes will be racing towards their high point championship. This is the last race before the season Championships in November 29 & 30 at the 73rd Annual Blue Water Resort & Casino 73rd Annual Thanksgiving Regatta! The points races in many of the classes are very tight!!

Top racers from all over the country will test their driving talents against other drivers at one of the best tracks in the country. There will be great racing action as all racers will be competing for their chance at victory!

Come and enjoy sprint boat racing on Lake Ming. Admittance is free! Spectator parking is in the East parking lot area. Please, no spectator vehicles will be allowed in the pits! Racing gets underway at 9:00 a.m. both days!!!

For more information, please visit Home Page | SCSC Racing or like us on Facebook – Southern California Speed Boat Club.

Questions, please contact Ross Wallach (310) 318-4012, email rpmracingent@yahoo.com
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Accommodations: Host Hotel: La Quinta Bakersfield South, 3232 Riverside Dr., Bakersfield, CA 93308 (661) 325-7400 must use “Lake Ming Regatta Racers” to get racer rate of $65+tax. Rooms are limited. Racer rate is available until April 8th, then goes back up to the regular rate. 1st come, 1st served.

RV Camping: $50/vehicle/day at Park Rangers discretion. Camping fees to be paid at registration check in. Money will be collected on-site. Note: If enclosed race trailer/toy hauler
has sleeping area you will be charged as a camper whether you stay in it or not per Kern County
Parks Dept.

Pre-Registration: Must send Registration form by Tuesday, September 24th to: Jeannie Doidge, email:jdsjmom@aol.com (preferred method), fax# 818-997-4278 or via mail: SCSC c/o Jeannie Doidge 10115 Gaviota Ave., North Hills, CA 91343-1432.
If mailing form, check must be made payable to SCSC. Payment accepted onsite, SCSC accepting MasterCard/ Visa.

Go to Home Page | SCSC Racing for entry blank. Fill out, print & fax or send credit card authorization form.
Please note money is not required to be pre-registered, form is only item required for pre-registration.

Registration Form MUST be sent prior to Tuesday 9/24/19 to AVOID LATE FEE!
Note: $50 late fee applied for all entries received after 9/24/19

Questions: Call/email Jeannie Doidge phone (818) 894-3759 or email Jeannie at jdsjmom@aol.com.

Registration: On-site/late registration: Friday 9/27 from approx. 10 AM to 5 PM at Jeannie Doidges Motorhome in the pits.

For all updates and information, please visit www.scsscracing.com

Friday, September 27th:
8:00 am- Pits open to race teams.
Note: Do not start setting up until cleared by Pit manager. Absolutely No motorhomes on water side of pits, race pits take priority. Do not spread out, only take up what you need. You will be asked to move if taking up too much space.
12:00- 5:00 pm – Registration – Jeannie Doidge’s Motorhome – (adjacent to playground East side of pits) & Safety Inspection - All Teams must check in to get parking pass and credentials.

Saturday, September 28th:
6:30 - 8:00 am – Registration at Race HQ (Island)
8:00 - 8:45 am – Driver’s meeting at Race HQ (Island)
9:00 - 5:00 pm - The 2019 Lake Ming "Shoot Out" Presented by Nick Rose Insurance

Sunday, September 29th:
7:30 - 8:00 am – Late registration (Island)
8:00 - 8:30 am – Driver’s meeting at Race HQ (Island)
9:00 - 4:00 pm - The 2019 Lake Ming "Shoot Out" Presented by Nick Rose Insurance
Awards Ceremony – Island

Note: BBQ 4U Catering will be onsite serving Breakfast & Lunch.

For all updates and information, please visit Home Page | SCSC Racing
Questions: Call or email (310) 318-4012 or rpmracingent@yahoo.com



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Sep 22, 2016
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A great weekend at the 2019 SCSC Lake Ming 'Shoot Out' Presented by Nick Rose Insurance, Amsoil, Jet Re-Nu, Hot Rods & Hobbies. A big thank you to all the racers and teams that showed up to support this event and to the SCSC staff and volunteers that worked hard to put it on!!

Two races left- The 2019 Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker Enduro Presented by Nick Rose Insurance, Nordic & Hallett Boats, Advanced Oil Field Services, Integral Prodcucts on October 26th and the 2019 SCSC Season Championships - The Blue Water Resort & Casino 73rd Annual Thanksgiving Regatta Presented by Nick Rose Insurance on November 29 & 30. It all comes down to this final race in the 2019 SCSC Series Championship.

Overall Results - 2019 SCSC Lake Ming 'Shoot Out'

Jr. Hydro

1st - Hondo Lamar (aka Sean Davison)

2nd - Kassidy Jones

3rd - Luke Hooker

4th - Kayla Hunter

Sportsman A Hydro

1st - Andy Jones

2nd - Wesley Gildart

3rd - Casey Jones

4th - Kassidy Jones

5th - Hondo Lamar

6th - Mike Wright

Sportsman 20 Hydro

1st- Roger Hewson

2nd- Casey Wright

3rd - Tim Herman

4th - Andy Jones

Sportsman C Hydro

1st - Casey Wright

2nd - Roger Hewson

3rd - Casey Jones

4th - Kevin Curtis

5th - Wesley Gildart

Sportsman 300 Hydro

1st - Roger Hewson

2nd - Art Grunow

3rd - Mike Wright

Outlaw A Hydro

1st - Andy Jones

2nd - Casey Jones

3rd - Wesley Gildart

4th - Tim Herman

Classic endurance

1st - Jim Best

2nd - Skip Ewing/John Best

3rd - Cole Noble

4th - Chuck Sousamian

Grand National

1st- Eric Sperry

2nd - Chuck Sousamian

3rd - Cole Noble

4th - Jim Best
Comp Jet

1st- Randall Dilworth

2nd - Vance Lund

3rd - Joe Dilworth

4th - Shirl Dickey/Scott Dayley


1st - Craig Bisseger

2nd - Casey Hoffman

3rd - Mike Purczynski

4th - Jamey Tavares

5th - Jeff Wooton

6th - Austin Kenyon

7th - Ray Schooler

8th - Samantha MacDonald

9th - Jacob Tuttle

10th - Joe Catanzarite

GPS 100

1st - Timmy Hoffman

2nd - Don Dunster

3rd - Jeff Wooton

4th - Craig Bisseger

5th - Nick Nebeker

6th - Corey Ferguson


1st- Skip Tuttle

2nd - Corey Ferguson

3rd - Dave Rankin


1st - Scott Stump/Blake Stump

2nd - Donald Doidge/Justin D'allesndro

3rd - Gary Sornborger/Valerie Campo

4th - Eric Sammons/Dino Iocovino