Severe Depression


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Sep 7, 2018
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I debated posting a full post for a few days now. I figure those I've met and those I've been in contact with here are decent folk. The ones that may squawk...hell, I don't care for their responses anyway. I figure I can chime in a bit, and maybe it can help someone "down", or someone helping a friend...this will be a bit of a read, I apologize.

My Pops had some depression issues later in his life. They stemmed originally from work, and later my Mom's cancer. He was placed on different pills...Prozac the first time. It turns out that is a wonder drug for some, a nightmare for others. Pops was in the second group. It accelerated his downward spiral. They eventually got him squared away...it was rough, this was 93 94. He was off meds for some time, maybe 8 or 9 years. In 2005, he fell into a deep depression. Rightfully so, his wife of 43 years was battling cancer. New doctor was seeing bi-polar traits, and explained that it isn't usually the rapid ups and downs we think of. It may be months or years even before drastic changes show. He was placed on a newer drug in the hospital...my memory is not giving me the name right now. This drug was later on commercials, giving warnings that stiffness of jaw and trouble speaking were "signs of a rare but potentially deadly side effect"...I was the last family member to see him, and he had complained both to me and the nurse his jaw hurt. He suffered a massive heart attack a few hours later. Be careful of the meds, know everything there is to know...

As for myself, been kicked a few times. Pops passed in 07. In 05, I had had a major car accident. The type where on a Saturday you're in the gym working out, a week later the doctors are discussing if I'll walk or have much upper body mobility. My recovery was my goal, but through it I hit some bumps. My focus was rapidly switching, from me, to Mom and to Pops. When Pops passed, it all hit me. Mom was still fighting cancer, I was starting to work construction again and the economy was booming. Mom's cancer worsened, as did the economy. I found comfort in staying busy...real busy. I also later found out that head trauma, such as multiple concussions and skull fractures, can lead to depression. I've had both types of head injuries.

This is how I deal with it. It probably isn't very healthy, but it beat booze. Spending time focused on something other than what brings you down. My body is racked up, and hurts most days. F' it, I'm alive and I'll keep pushing. Pain is also a cause of depression. Oddly, depression can sometimes cause physical pain in otherwise healthy people. I tend to work until I'm tired enough to passout when my head hits the pillow. The more time you spend in your own head, the worse it gets.

If someone won't see a doctor, they need an escape. They need to focus energy on good things.

(Now, anyone reading this will have a better understanding as to why I'm messed up. It's for a good cause, so I'll risk it.)


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Jan 18, 2013
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Things don’t correct them selves in a week or 2. Start slow with your buddy don’t push to hard nothing will happen over night! Because you call and hang out he will get the picture. Basically just be his friend & stay positive ! Tons of things to do

shoot some hoops
play pool
ride bikes
soft ball
start a home improvement project
swap meet
estate sales
etc etc

he won’t want to do anything, but little by little you’ll get him going!

I wish you the best