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Sep 25, 2007
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When we had the XP1k I bought one of the "parking brake thingy" deals from the guy directly, it worked fine and I was going to by anther one for the Turbo S, but then saw that UTV INC had one that come with a little handle so you don't have to dance yer feet around to disengage it. The web site said fits XP1k, XPT, and XP Turbo S.
The Polaris does not have what we old farts would call a "park "pin in the trans; what happens it when you put it in park two separate gears in the trans engage against each other and the car won't roll. Not much of a system.
So I jumped.
It arrived and I began the simple install.
The mount for the unit bolts in via the two 10x.1.25mm bolts that hold the steering box to its mount, they are under the box itself. The mounting bracket is 3/16 steel.
UTV inc does not supply longer bolts, and you wind up with about 4 threads engaged in the aluminum steering box. No go from my point of view. I like steering boxes secured better. 4 threads in aluminum ain't cutting it. Off to town for longer bolts. I used blue Loctite on them as the stock bolts were Loctited as well.
The little handle engages a plunger that, after you press the brake pedal, puts a 5/16 NC bolt head against the arm and locks the service brakes.
Directions say to use the slots in the mounting bracket to align the head of the bolt with the brake pedal arm.
Once I figured out that the 5/16 bolt they sent me was about an inch and a quarter too short, and replaced it, I got into the alignment deal. Per UTV inc the other units use the 3/4 inch bolt they sent me, so I wasn't nuts.
No joy. I have a pretty good stock of hardware and did not have to go back to town again. Got the right bolt in and was ready to set and then tighten the lock nut on the engagement bolt.
The bolt head didn't engage the arm on center no mater what I did, and slid off the right side of the arm.
I was now 2 hours into what have been a 15 minute install.
I wound up getting a thick washer and welding it to the head of the bolt, then grinding it smooth.
Now the thing works as advertised. 2.5 hours and one trip to town later.
I've bought other stuff from UTV inc and not had any issues, I thought about sending this thing back but I really like the handle deal instead of the foot sweep engagement, so I went through the BS to get it to work. Sorta disappointed, no it isn't a big $ piece, but it should still not require that level of effort to get the damn thing to work.
Just a heads up boys.
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Jan 18, 2013
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Thats lame ! When you have to break out the welder for a simple bolt on kit..... well that sucks the big one

at least you were paying attention on the steering box bolts. Just think some people wouldn’t catch that