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When You Taco Your Rzr:

Discussion in 'Custom Offroad Builds' started by TPC, Nov 5, 2016.

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    Sep 20, 2007
    I suffer really bad snow blindness on the dunes. I have ski goggles that have helped a lot (I've tried all the sand / M/C goggles on the market) but still find myself in situations where I can't see where I'm going in the bright sun.

    Like severe back pain, people don't understand it unless they suffer it too and I do catch shit for it. I do my best.
    One of the girls in our group also suffered snow blindness and had a similar incident to this.

    Dumont Dunes:
    I was following Neil Rideout Photography's SandRail and Big Guns and our course turned into the sun.
    I dropped slightly to the left of the trail just a bit to avoid the rooster tail sand blast from the buggy in front of me and didn't see the semi buried berm under the freshly blown sand.
    Bang Pow I could see my left front wheel "taco'd".


    So, Neil being a seasoned dune veteran had full confidence we can the Rzr down from the dunes no problem.
    I was numb and it's an awful feeling of being stuck. Fixing the Rzr was the last thing on my mind, I need to get it back in the ToyHauler and think about repairs later.
    Everyone else pitched in and we were all in school in what you do in these situations.

    1. Jack up Rzr
    2. Remove front wheel.
    3. Remove lower shock bolt and sway bar connection.
    4. Pull out broken axle. Pulls out of diff easily.
    5. Strap everything up on the front suspension and driveline that you can.
    6. Loosen and raise keeper nut and position spring nut on opposite rear shock and strap up the rear suspension on that opposite side to raise the front.
    7. Stick key in ignition put it in 4WD and drive back to camp on 3 wheels. Did it easily.

    I took more pics but evidently aren't in my photo library.

    What had happened is the tie rod snapped and took everything else with it. A arms folded up, axle puked too.

    So I'm in the process of installing heavier duty tie rods and hardware and replacing all the other damages on the suspension/driveline.
    It's been recommended to stay with stock A arms, the theory being the heavy duty A Arms will damage the frame in a similar situation.
    I suffered no frame damage and that's a BFD. "You want the A arms to take the blow, not the frame" goes the tale.
    So I'll roll with that take for now.

    All the Moab, Kanab, Coral Pink Driving this past month and the last ride on the last day at Dumont I get this Faux Pas.

    "If you ain't wreckin' it, you ain't been driving it" -Bildoe
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