Who is fit to lead this great nation?


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Jan 14, 2009
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So here we are just days away from choosing our next President. Each of us has our own thoughts and reasons for wanting our pick to win. The issue's and what is at stake seem to be of little consequence at this point, but rather each candidates character is now what is most important in the eyes of the media.

I think back to my childhood and listening to my Dad talk about character and how important it is in choosing a President or any leader, but unfortunately character has not been the deciding factor in any recent elections that I can remember.

Over the past few weeks stories and accusations of immoral behavior have come out about both candidates. If even half of these stories are true, it seems that both candidates have had serious lapses in judgement and have compromised their character.

Is there anyone with the kind of character we all wish our next President would have? I don't know! Those kind of people just don't run for office anymore. Who would want to put their family through that kind of hell!

So which candidate do we choose if character is again the deciding factor in picking a president? If both have sinned, do we somehow list their sins on paper and choose which are worse, or who has more?

There is an old saying that those that live in glass houses should not cast stones. Jesus once said that the person who had not sinned should cast the first stone at an adulteress, but nobody did.

Tonight's debate and the next couple of weeks are going to be full of accusations and there will be many more ugly truths revealed about each candidate, but in the end one of them will be our next President. I pray that it will be the one that humbles them self before God and this nation!


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Jul 20, 2011
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in this years election it has come down to how you hate less.
If we look at the top two both have major flaws.
Donald Trump is and arrogant rich business man who has gotten used no one ever saying no to him. He is crass and many of the policies he has come up with would be hard if not impossible to implement although it is truly out of the box thinking many don not like it. He is not racist,bigot or any of the other phobics that he has been called but he is an arrogant ass so that what happens. He has no political experience so that could get him into trouble.
Hillary Clinton has alot of political experience. she know her way around foreign issues and has seen how the public reacts to issues and what things work or don't work to help the situations. Going by this she if by far a much better candidate. However her problem is that she is not just a politician. She is a very greedy person who has an agenda of her own that is counter to what the country needs. She has decided that her won agenda is more important and that using her political power to get it is ok. The public and the laws of the government can and will be broken if needed in order for her to achieve her goals. There is proof of this everywhere. The country may not notice at first alot if they elect her that there liberties will be destroyed but it will happen. This makes her 50 times more dangerous than a president Trump.