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Sep 20, 2007
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We were camped near RR3 in Dumont Dunes a few years back and were the only people at the dunes.
Daughter got straight AP's, it was her birthday so I got her 6 tickets to take her friends to see Beyonce' and Destiny's Child at the Hard Rock in Vegas one evening. Hard Rock is an hour or two away from where we camped.
GF at the time brought the girls out in my 8 passenger Suburban.

Some studio trucks rolled up about 50 yards away and set up a good size base camp. Got a campfire rolling 24/7, catering facilities, 50KW generator truck, living and party facilities, they were set up for the week.
Then MoHos rolled in and joined their camp.
It was the (now long gone) Fox Sports Blue Torch Motorsports TV show doing a production featuring Pastrana, Clowers and the rest.

The top riders and their support crews set up a long course across the dunes. For days practiced traversing the course at 5 to 15 MPH. No stunts, no flips, nothin' thrilling just slow progression making changes here and there while traversing and learning the routine.

Then around day 5 it got serious and they practiced some hairy maneuvers, tricks and stunts while the camera crews set up their shots.
Day 6 they shot the show one stretch at a time, an hour on each carefully practiced scene.

When the show appeared on Fox Sports it looked like they just rolled their MoHos outta Vegas then onto the dunes, jumped onto their rides, mashed on the gas and winged it hit hitting the dunes at full speed. Flips, super jumps and all the thrilling tricks.

Some think that's how ya do it, just mash on the gas and go but find out the hard way that's not how ya do it.
A few years later:

In about 60 seconds, first time behind the wheel:

All was ok but the Rzr bent up a bit. Spent a few weeks in the shop.

Just a few years back some tourists rented a Can Am in Vegas, brought it to Dumont, rolled it off the trailer, mashed on the gas and headed for the China bowl full throttle. 45 seconds later they jumped the Razorback of doom in route and both passengers killed on impact. The Can Am reduced to 50% of it's normal size.
Our crew rolled up on the scene and it was dismal.

Late last season a new member of our group bought a new X3RS, rolled it off the trailer mashed on the gas and did the same thing. Lucky him he landed on the roof and slid down the side of the dune with a few rolls. Bent up the stock cage, jazzed some jewelry, snapped some Tupperware but dumb luck he was OK. The stock Can Am X3 roll cage is stout. It may get jazzed in a roll over but they hold up.

Since the incident he added the big turbo kit with Meth, 320 HP and replaced the damaged cage with a custom built:
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Feb 25, 2009
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The guy in your 1st pic is from around town.
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