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Trade for Harley
I have a two seater RZR
Hmmm is it listed here or maybe you can send me some info
If it's easier my cell is 818-800-9343
Hello, long time trolling thought I would jump aboard. I have always been a fan of older boats this is my latest that I did a two year complete restore 1979 Spectra. I live in South west Washington and do most of my boating on the lower Columbia river. I am a Napa Auto Parts store owner and have a small auto and marine repair shop. Thanks for your time I will get some pics up to the restore soon. Happy New Year!
I have a 2016 Hyundai Veloster turbo n I want to put a flat box sub under the backseat. Is it possible??
Start cutting things and make it fit! Smile now cry later homie!
I'll send you 3500 today or anytime. I've seen enough, no inspection needed. Thanks, Kieth 562 244 0244
You’re only off by about a grand...
Hi Mike you still moving fright?
If so I need a quote, send me an email and I will get you the info of what we are looking for, it's a reefer load.
Hope you are well.
Hi this is Joe Tschimperle from Washington state I would like to talk with you about Lebel boats. I have many questions. Please call my cell at 360-808-0592 PST or E-mail chimp@olypen.com I look forward to our conversation. Thank You! JOE.
what's the scoop on your truck for sale, what's left to finish on it to make it a daily driver? will it pass the CA bs smog stuff? been looking to get my son a truck a supercharger maybe a little to much but i can stick a brick under the peddle lol.. you can call or text me also 7077583203 Anthony
Hello Dave I would like to speak with you regarding the purchase of a new Truck

Dave (LB247XS)
(562) 852-8111
Jeez. Rod has officially jumped off the cliff. sad to see how hate can destroy a brain
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Do you have drag boat/k boat stuff?
I have 4 I'm finishing up.
Need a couple drive line tubes, a couple rear wings, seats and some other misc stuff.
If you don't have, can you aim me where to find?
Sorry, I do not have any of that stuff, I would post in v-drive classified in Facebook, or the classified sectin of performanaceboats.com. Lots of buy and sell there.
@DCBRacing (Notta) Regatta 2020 Event Coverage YouTube video is now up! This is the greatest film Speed Lifestyle has launched yet. Watch to the end to see Special Coverage of the all new DCB M37R (Hull #2) true tunnel model release party at the Private (invitation only) Viewing Party at the Rick Holloway Islander Man Cave.
Show some love click the link to watch
Don, my name is Chad Bixby. If you have any questions you can call me at our shop, Legend Performance Marine. 509-315-5631. We have lived in the area for 11 years. I can put you in touch with just about anyone you might need. My cell is 951-775-5158
I just bought a 1967 Tahiti with a 115 Outboard in the same condition of the one you posted. I'm trying to learn a little bit more about the boat and there is very little information out there. Since your boat is the best example that I have seen, wondering if you can take the time and help me with a few simple questions regarding prop size/pitch and interior?
Hi Lenmann, the tubes for that driveline guard are 5 1/2" OD. Looks like it fits into the ID of the adapter according to how it has worn. Let me know if you have one. Thanks!
Not sure if you know Tony Skagen or not but he pretty much can tell you where the really nice 21's are around the country, his TPR family lake boat ran in the high 120's with a stereo, ski locker etc....lots of pic's of him pulling kids on tubes, stuff like that.
Hi Rich , Im about to work on a boat the current owner claims was/is a Rogers ? 20' mini cruiser with a wood deck ? was well rigged and looks to have been a "marathon" deal called the Patriot , jog any thoughts ? Thanks Tom
just bought a 1976 howard day cruiser with a twin turbo 454 and turbo 400 trans never had a boat with a turbo 400 trans or turbos how are they to drive ?
Owner of the 2005 Conquest is Josh Miller. His number is 951-757-9521. I looked at the boat earlier this year, before he installed the gator step. It wasn't the boat for us at the price he was asking.
Was there anything wrong with the boat? I appreciate the contact info. 👍🏻
Hey John, Bob May here. I seen the Mandela at the pirate last Friday, what an awesome boat and nice guy that bought it. Planning a UTV ride in November, hope you can make it.
River Lynchmob
River Lynchmob
Hi Bob,

Thank you, it is a work of art. Josh is a great guy and he finally got it back.

We are living in Parker now until after tge election. Planning doing a lot of SxS riding this fall.
I might sell my 2018 Howard 288 with merc 600,shoot me a message if your interested
I still own a 1971 Bob Warren Hurrican Flat Bottom boat. I am the second owner and have had it for about 28 years. She is my pride & joy. When I got bought it, it had a tecalamet jackson ( I know I butchered that) fuel system . It had 6 or 8 stacks, it was so cool looking. Unfortunately I could not find o-rings to replace the ones that wore out. Had to replace with Edelbrock. Wood top, blk bottom red interior.
First let me intro myself as a “ NEW B “ to River Dave’s Place ! From Nashville originally living in Alabama to be closer to the Tennessee river. Sold my boat to aid in making the move, now that things are settled, I’m looking to get my sea legs back. Which brings me to the point.
So I’m seeing advertised in people’s boat ads , Mercury 6.2L/ 350 having 420 hp ??
Can someone clue me in, cuz this is not adding up
🤫 i catfish with dry salami set it out in the sun and let it get brown and greasy throw it on a striper slider rig.it holds strong on the hook and wont fall apart from smaller fish plucking on it been knocking them down for years that way, my son as cought on quick this year 5 camping trips 6 cats 2 on the same piece of salami daughter has gotten 2 of her own also. give it shot i'm curious how it works on the river
Hello. Are you still making the center consoles? Either the cat or the 25? Ballpark price if you can with a 300 outboard?
Do you have the Schiada Whaler for sale Bruce 949-910-4131
Sold the Whaler years ago. Still on the Parker Strip. Has had several owners since I sold it. Good luck finding one. Great boat.
Is your Schiada Whaler for sale Bruce 949-910-4131
No. Sorry, It was my dad's Whaler and it sold several years ago. It changed hands a few times after he sold it but I understand the current owners are keeping it for a long time.
if you ever think of selling your excursion let me know.
I sold my V-10 couple months ago. Always wanted the 7.3


Hey bud, I have an 04 Magic, 496HO, might be interested in selling. A guy at the river made an offer out of the blue last weekend and when I told my wife she said "do it." Anyways, if you want, text me and I'll send you some pics and we can talk etc. Mario at SoCal Speed does all the maintenance and has records. Did a leak down/compression last summer and everything checked out perfect.
Hey bud, do you still have your boat?