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Morning, I have a buyer for your bedbug. My neighbor has a short bed super duty and wants it if it is still available.

951 252 3814
Yes it is still available....you have any plans to be in havasu?
Frank's Trailer Repair, L.L.C.
"FTR offers 20 PLUS YEARS OF EXPERIENCE! Extreme Trailer Warranties, Welding, Bunks, Fenders, Jacks & Winches, Complete Refurbish, Tires & Wheels, Paint, Electrical, Brakes, Swingaway-Tongues, MIG Welding, Custom Ladders, Side guides, LED Lights ( lighting upgrades) Trailer Service & Repair."
What's your name? I want to let Chris know I referred you...

Hi Blubyu,

Chris Langs has the best rates available and he knows what he’s doing. We worked with him 2 years ago and we're working with him now on a refi.

Chris Langs

tell him Dan & Denise referred you

Best regards,

Morning. Is your Bravo1 25p RH prop still for sale? is it in good shape?Where are you located? If so can you send pictures to me at 619-247-9200.
Daniel,What is your best price on the Eickert valve covers & puke tank? Thanks Steve
The way shipping prices are lately I think that’s a damn good price. Some just sold for 250 without lines, puke tank or shipping.
We are possibly looking to sell our 2019 X flight. I
Not sure if you are looking for one as new as this one. It is featured on the Boat Reviews by RPD from the LA boat show in 2019.
Hey man I've got 3 small ones I take to Gorman every couple weeks if you ever want to meet up with us. We go to the MX track and the kids ride the kids track and 1.5 mile GP track which we often have totally to ourselves! We usually go go Sunday from 10-2. Here is my cell 323-217-3826 Damion
Hi...I’m very interested in the motor. Is there anything wrong with it? What stroke is the crank, what length are the rods? 805-248-4635 Aaron
Hi, I'm interested in your HOWARD, please call me . Thanks , Rocky ...661-510-5049
Hey we got bust today I'll come by tomorrow and then you can come by and look at my boat. Today is our wedding anniversary and were getting ready to go out eat. If not I would be over there now.

We did too. I never made it to the hardware store. Gotta buy some JB Weld and some nuts first thing, to finish up. There is a sale at Harbor Freight this weekend. I need to swing by there also and pick up a couple of things.
New here. Wife and I love havasu sometimes adult trips sometimes family trips, but all trips are fun for us.
If yes, Text me at 520-275-3912 since I will not be on here for a week ish. Heading to Havasu Wed for a week.
I will do $300 on MSD package if your interested. If not I understand. I like to keep a spare everything MSD. Lol.
To answer your question on my batteries running my residential fridge in the motor home I have four 6 volts tied in series and I believe they are either 225AH or 250AH each. I would have to go out to the rev garage and check.
New Member : searching for A carrera 257 Open Bow Effect. Used or info in who has mold to produce a new one. TYVM
1978 21FT. DiMarco day cruiser for sale! Need gone ASAP! Needs a prop and a tiny hull work where the prop leaf hit.
Hi Tony, I own a 1997 DCB 24 Extreme. Any chance you might be able to help me with what brand and weight of vinyl DCB was using in 1997. I need to get some interior repairs done and would like to get as close as possible to original.


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Tony DCB Boats
Tony DCB Boats
That would be very hard to do, do to the fact that the vinyl today is much different from 1997. I will see what I can do.
I have a 1978 - 21ft DiMarco day cruiser for sale. Needs a prop and a tiny hull work where the prop leaf hit.
Hey if you are looking for a set of dual Webers for your VW project, I have a set. They are real Webers, not the cheap knock offs. Includes carbs, manifolds, air cleaners, box full of jets, Manual, and even a sync tool/guage. They have literally 2 or 3 hours on them, stored in sealed plastic bags. $350.00
If interested, call or text me at 619 855 2210. Rodney
Hey Jerry, I sent you a PM with a couple questions. If you get some time to get back with me I would greatly appreciate it.