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Would appreciate the pictures of blazer. Any info on it likeIs it in running condition?
It is in running condition. It was a friends project, his brother bought it new. Body is mostly good, paint is decent. Has brand new Corbeau seats.
Not sure how to send pics here, I can text pics if you like. What is your phone number?
Ricks raft
Ricks raft
Hi I’m interested in the Tahiti you have for sale. Would love to check it out in person possibly this weekend. I have more questions as well, my name is Blake my number is 909-908-5393
Congrats on the new pad. What community is that. My folks live in mojave valley. I would like something by the water.
Hi Andy.... need a quick couple of recommended marine financing contacts for the buyer of my 2006 Magic Wizard w/ 496HO power. Boats located and will stay in CA if that makes a difference. Thanks very much.... I hear your still doing great slinging fiberglass out that way. Bill
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Are you still the owner of this Connolly?

the red one? No I sold it back in 2014 to a buddy of mine then he sold it to another person a couple years ago.

But I can still answer any questions you have regarding the build that I did with Prime Marine or the hull itself.
Thanks, Cameron Connolly
How are you and Jeff doing? I still have the Hallett. I also have a restored 67 GTO. I have been retired for 3 years and live in Mohave Valley AZ.
Behave your selves. :)
Very nice to hear from you! We sold ours to the son of the original owner. Living in Reno, just bought a little fishing boat recently. Miss going fast, though :)
Looking/want to buy a Schiada 24 V Drive with Big Power- Sold my 21 as the family is getting bigger- anything out there? Thanks all
My name is Jeff. I run a Garage Door Co. There are a few types of Genie Pro openers. This is my cell phone 909-215-9732. If you send me a pic of your opener, I'll be able to send you back a link where you can buy and remote.
Is it possible for a lifter to only make noise at 3000plus rpm and be faint and not consistent more like a rattle or a spark knock? 5.3 07 flex fuel im not in denial just doesnt sound like any lifter noise i heard on any videos i watch not even close...
im looking to find out if a lifter will only make noise when being revved very faint i watched youtube lol im not in denial its a liffer its just not a consitent tap and posible could be a rattle or a spark knock i just did a tune up and it cleared the tracton light and others i cleared the engine light with a pocket scanner and it hasnt come back on but the dam tap is still there i dont want to waist my money
Hi are you in health care ? Have a niece ready to "pop" (new baby) in LHC just lining up people for them in case they need help and we are 8 hrs away Tahnks Tom
I'm interested in the LT1 T56 setup, is it still for sale and how many miles on it, thanks?
Hello, I believe I have seen your twin turbo boat running the waters above Needles, is yours the same boat? Love your boat and she is a real runner. If you were to ever consider selling her please let me know.

Hi Don,
It’s actually not my boat. I just posted the pic. I’m not even sure who owns it. I think it may be someone at Redline Performance. Such a nice piece.
Hello... my Brother was reading and would like contact info for your T shirt friend as he is wanting to get some shirts .. we are on the Menifee area .. Thanks .. Big D
Tony what do know about the two M31 700 boats through Maxed Out Marine the 2011 boat has been on the market for quite a while any other details or info on them , do you know of any other M31 700 boat,s out there in the 300 range , thanks .
I was wondering if you new any more details about those two .
Sorry the red and black 2015 and the 2011 orange silver .
Tony DCB Boats
Tony DCB Boats
Please call or text me on my cell. 951.757.4159 i will fill you in on both. Thank you
Dave, looking for an opinion, being that you are the boat guru, I have a young guy at work looking at a first boat, he has been looking at the 1998 Nordic at Hi Line in the classifieds. The colors are dated but the hours are very low, don’t know if original or since rebuild. Any way I’m a lower river jet boat guy, with a pontoon, so I don’t know much about this boat, other than Nordic’s reputation.
I had a 98 sprint.. Nothing in those old Nordics is thru bolted like they are now. Personally I’d pass on anything Nordic from back then. Fun boat but I’m glad I sold mine when I did.
can you text me a couple pictures of your boat 7077583203 i have a buddy on the hunt for one
Hey Dave, saw pics of your boat...Looks clean as hell.....when you gonna hook me up for a ride in that bad boy?
Resurrecting my 1989 Schiada 21RC Vdrive. Blown 461 Chevy with a TH400. Pics coming soon. Would like to get an idea of its value for insurance and may sell it. Probably won’t after I get it back in the water. Trailer has been worked also. New complete brakes and could only rebuild the master cylinder as its an Ellis trailer so zero Atwood parts available. Its a good looking boat.
Morning, I have a buyer for your bedbug. My neighbor has a short bed super duty and wants it if it is still available.

951 252 3814
Yes it is still available....you have any plans to be in havasu?
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