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  1. coolchange

    Stupid Gappers

    Wow. All you heated seat, adaptive cruise, auto trans, self operation lighting, navigation thinking for you drivers, I would think you would be a little more chill while yore on the phone. I drive a clutch, I leave a gap, get over the 35 life changing feet.
  2. coolchange

    how to paint this ?

    Hydro dip it.
  3. coolchange


    Did you do the work yourself? Looks good!
  4. coolchange

    Bigbore's Chevelle - a resurrection

    Pro tour. So you guys can trip in it. Put a hitch on it. I’m putting a big block in my 67, just sayin…
  5. coolchange

    Google Nest shenanigans

    Does that have a lock feature? I use Venstar. A lot of them.
  6. coolchange

    School shooting near Nashville

    President can order half staff. It used to be only for heads of state and dignitaries. Now they order it for any political agenda pushing ideal. If only there was something we were spending billions of $$$$ on that could be redirected to something like, oh I don’t know, protecting our citizens...
  7. coolchange

    Bass tournament cheaters

    Yes I have 👍
  8. coolchange

    Bass tournament cheaters

    Like hobby hunting, hobby cars, hobby bars, lol. Been trying to think of a hobby that can pay hundreds of thousands of $ if your good at it. Can cost hundred of thousands $ to compete in the hobby. That manufacturers will give you hundreds of thousands of $ worth of equipment to use and promote...
  9. coolchange

    Pull a Permit get Property Tax Reassessment?

    Yu better pull a permit for the demo
  10. coolchange

    You ever see something like this?

    Sounds like a guy I’d have beers with. Real men don’t “call the guy”
  11. coolchange

    Encased Military Burial Flag

    Unless it’s the battle flag.
  12. coolchange

    Parker boat races 3/18-19

    A friend of mine after being sideways 3’ off the ground at 218mph, jumped in a much slower car and made another pass. You want to settle down as much as possible before the post adrenal ptsd sets in!👍
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  14. coolchange

    Boat Canvas……. Price Rant

    Do you know if the Group machine is a clutch motor or a servo? Clutch takes years to master. Servo makes zero’s, hero’s. If you have any questions hit me up.
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    I liked it. Most of it at the beginning was wtf? Then the end plot twists were interesting and gathered up all the weird stuff. Not a block buster for sure but wasn’t trying to be. Not your typical 5 minutes in, “ he did it!” Movie.
  16. coolchange

    Boat Canvas……. Price Rant

    You’ll need these then
  17. coolchange

    Boat Canvas……. Price Rant

    9 oz. Sunbrella marine is going to go out for $35-$45 dollars a yard. 5yds on the bow. Plus binding -$30 . Stainless DOT snaps -$40 . Sunguard thread- $12 1 day rent on shop keep lights on? Dunno? Days wages? $450? Insurance etc Business profit $ Snap set tool $200 Sewing machine $3500 I could...
  18. coolchange

    Funny how times have changed

    I find schooners to be reasonable value in these days of $45.00 breakfasts for two.
  19. coolchange

    Boat Canvas……. Price Rant

    I’m loading up my machine and box and movin to Fla. Sounds like there’s to much work there.
  20. coolchange