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Hello, saw your post with the tailgate used as a bench back. Wanting to do something like this with my FIL tailgate for my wife. FIL passed away couple years ago. If would not mind would you send some additional pictures of the bench and how the tailgate was mounted. Thank you, Jeff Langdon
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I posted pictures of the brackets are mounted and posted them in the thread didn't know how to send them to you directly if you need better pictures text me Chris 619-733-9180
Good morning Sir. I'm currently looking at a 29' and a 27' Laveycraft boats. Both are 03 years and both have blown single motors. One was pictured in a post I read here (29'). Is there any thing I should look for either way? I have looked at a couple other brands (Nordic, Fountain, Velocity) but I believe Laveycraft is going to be the next boat.

Was that 29 in the picture your boat, If so do you have any details on it by chance? I'm currently looking at the 29's and 27's but leaning towards the 29. Looking to get another boat after having to sell my Velocity a few years back due to divorce, it happens. Have been looking at several different brands but think I have settled on a Lavey for sure.

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