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  1. 2018 ARP Long Beach Sprint Nationals

    Event recap of the 2018 ARP Long Beach Sprint Nationals by Erick Bryner, Fast Loud Photography
  2. 2018 Dog & Andy's Vdrive Run

    Event recap of the Dog & Andy's V-Drive Run at Windmill Cove on the California Delta. Brought to you by Erick Bryner, Fast Loud Photography.
  3. 2018 Flatbottom Boogie Coverage!

    Event recap of the 2018 Flat Bottom Boogie, hosted by Club Royal Oak RV Park.
    Story and photos by Erick Bryner, Fast Loud Photography
  4. Congrats To Stephen and Kelly on their new M35!

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    Congrats to Stephen and Kelly on their new M35!! They are avid boaters that have owned several boats including a 35' Fountain with 525's, and a 38' Fountain with 700's before they stepped into the DCB Camp in 2017 ordering a new M28R! This is their second DCB in as many years and I'm quite sure they will be enjoying what I would call their first "Exotic!"...
  5. Eliminator's 50th Anniversary!

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    Eliminator is having it's 50th Anniversary in business right now, so I went down to talk to the guys and see what all the excitement is about!

    Team Eliminator is rolling out an optional "Trim Package" on all 2019 Model boats, and they are offering extremely aggressive pricing on all models including one of my personal favorites the Legendary 25 Daytona...
  6. 3rd Annual Catalina Fun Run - By Erick Bryner

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    Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation where you thought to yourself… “We just have to get through it. I’m sure we’ll be telling great stories about it in a week from now.” Well that was the case last weekend on our 3rd Annual Catalina Fun Run from Long Beach, CA to Avalon, on Catalina Island. As co–organizer/host with my partners Corey Vodvarka and...
  7. Screaming Eagle Boats & Talon Power Boats

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    Columbus Ohio - Screaming Eagle Boats LLC and Talon Powerboats LLC are
    announcing today an exciting expansion in the powerboat market.
    Screaming Eagle Boats, well known builder of various high
    performance catamaran powerboats including Talon, Spectre Cat boats and
    numerous custom Formula 1 and hydroplane race boats dating back to...
  8. Introducing - "Team RDP" Your Real Estate Connection

    Over the last three and a half years, Stacy and Paul have helped countless RDP members with their Real Estate needs. Whether that be finding their dream vacation home, moving here full time, upgrading their existing homes, or even partnering them with a builder and building from scratch. This was all done under the Team flag "Own Havasu."

    I'm extremely proud to say that Stacy Johnson has...
  9. Schiada Boat Owners Round Up!

    Video Recap of the Schiada Boat Owners Round Up!

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    Life jacket exchange events kick off Saturday, May 19!

    10-year anniversary of life jacket exchanges starts with events statewide

    Have an old, worn out life jacket? Swap it for a new one. 2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s (AZGFD) life jacket exchange program, and it’s starting with a statewide push to ensure...