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Dave: I own an Aftershock deck boat (24 feet ). We love the boat but need a replacement trailer as mine has rusted out. I am looking for a used dual wheel . We keep the boat at Havasu. I would also like to contact Mr Torres to see if I can get the dimensions for the hull so a trailer can be adjusted to accept the boat. Thank you for any help you or one of your readers can give me. Dick
Hi I was reading you bought a rev4 21p. I have a 210 Hallett with merc BS 377 running a rev 423p. I just bought a hill 5blade pleasure 21 p. Have not tried it yet. I was really torn between the hill and getting the rev4 21. I really like the 23p rev but only turn 4800 rpm. I’m wanting to be about 5100 Just curious what your thought are now on the rev421 vs your back props I think u said a B124p? Thanks Sam
Hey Sam, I was on the rev limiter with the Rev4 21, so it was a bit too small for me. I am right at 5000 with the Rev4 23. B1 24 I’m at 5100/5200.

Im interested to hear what the Hill 5 blade does for you.
As soon as I get the rubber piece that goes inside the prop, the adapter. I’ll test it and report back. Hopefully Friday. I didn’t know when I ordered they said it would go right on.

what is your hull and motor again?

was there any improvement on bottom pulling with the rev4 21? Was it essentially the same as the 23 p as far as handling? Was the top speed there or did it rev out before?
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Here's another new design for the 'RDP" girls who like to play in the dirt!