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Hi Mike you still moving fright?
If so I need a quote, send me an email and I will get you the info of what we are looking for, it's a reefer load.
Hope you are well.
Hi this is Joe Tschimperle from Washington state I would like to talk with you about Lebel boats. I have many questions. Please call my cell at 360-808-0592 PST or E-mail chimp@olypen.com I look forward to our conversation. Thank You! JOE.
what's the scoop on your truck for sale, what's left to finish on it to make it a daily driver? will it pass the CA bs smog stuff? been looking to get my son a truck a supercharger maybe a little to much but i can stick a brick under the peddle lol.. you can call or text me also 7077583203 Anthony
Hello Dave I would like to speak with you regarding the purchase of a new Truck

Dave (LB247XS)
(562) 852-8111