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Sep 13, 2007
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Oct 1, 1976 (Age: 41)
Lake Havasu City / Parker AZ

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Heart Broken, Male, 41, from Lake Havasu City / Parker AZ

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    1. Sigus
      DCB and I have finalized the rendering of my M33 yesterday. It will go into taping early next month, the goal is to have it completed for Monster Bash.

      Looking forward to the article your working on.
    2. KoolPop
      Hey Dave, I bought a Lickity Split T-shirt a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything or received it. We live in Havasu, so picking it up is an option.

      Jim Harris...KoolPop
    3. parker guy
      parker guy
      Hi Dave, I ordered 2 tribute shirts for the family of Lickity Split on May5th. My account was charged 60.00 but I have not seen any shirts. Do you have any idea on when I will expect them. My home address is 4113 Tenango Rd Claremont 91711 THANKS
    4. Marko
      Hey Dave, any NON flatbill fitted hats in the XL/XXL size? Thanks
    5. Ace
      I ordered them on the 6th, if that helps
    6. Ace
      What’s up Dave, I ordered a 2 Memorial shirt, I wanted the skinny xl for me. I also ordered a shirt for my wife, sure those are all the same. Thanks!!
    7. gmnhra
      Is that your southbay pontoon at horizon..
      next door neighbors are looking for family entry level ...
      anything I should know about this boat???

      Gary Mocnik
    8. Boatmaster
      Good morning Dave. Just wanted to say a quick thank you to you and your wife for the hospitality last Friday night. Nice meeting you and your family. My daughter and I had a great time.

    9. Boat Potato
      Boat Potato
      Hey Dave, would you happen to have a good phone number for Schiada? All the numbers I find are disconnected. Looking to get my brother a shirt and sticker for his B-day this week. Thanks!
      1. RiverDave
        (818) 448-9788 That is lees cell number
        Nov 14, 2017
        Boat Potato likes this.

      There is a 1986 Sanger/Spectra XS 24 on craigslist (Spokane, Washington) ad says Sandpoint, so it might be in Idaho. According to the ad its been rigged, but never
      run. It looks like the same rigging as Terrible Spectras boat.

      You have stated that you want a blank canvas to start with, BTW, it looks like your

      1. RiverDave
        Got a link?
        Nov 14, 2017
    11. Classic Daycruiser
      Classic Daycruiser
      Why don't we have Phoenix listed in the river communities section? I believe Phoenix is much closer than Norcal, as well as, the river is closer to Phoenix than the LA area. :)
    12. spectras only
      spectras only
      Hi Dave,
      Just booked my flight to Palm Springs for next Wednesday. I'll arrive at 10:45 am
      there,should have ample time to check on those fuckers at Palm Spring Collision Clinic. My buddy called them yesterday and tried twice today, they don't return his calls. Looks like he'll have to get a lawyer involved! I'm working on the Havasu hotel reservation tomorrow. What do you think of the Islands Suites? They only have rooms available for Wed ,Thu, Sun,and Mo.I'd have to find accomodation for Fri and Sat while there.
    13. dustdevilphotos.com
      Hey Dave... if you can use any of my photos for anything, just let me know
    14. spectras only
      spectras only
      Hi Dave, just checking in to ask if you still offering your hospitality to park the Motorhome at your place.After numerous phone calls, finally my buddy got a reply from the collision place yesterday,telling us that the paint match is in the works.Can't believe it took this long to sort that out.We lost out on the flight deals,oh well it's still worth it to see DS.
    15. Yellowboat
      Hey dave what happen to the sacramento carpet thread. If he needs a carpet layer i know a feew
    16. ONE-A-DAY
      who is the boat shipping / towing guy on here, I need to pick his brain on costs - thx
    17. Lookin4curves
      Your right Brownsburg In. is to Professional Drag Racing, as Charlotte N.C. is to Nascar Racing.
      Nice place to visit. I was born and raised here. It gets darn cold here some winters.
      You made me laugh with the Lego statement.
      We are on the same page.
      Don't mean to brag or toot my horn. But if You have the time Yahoo or Goggle my name. ( Bernie Sievers ).
      Then click on Innovator of the Future. 2007 and 2006. I think the years are correct. Anyway two contest to view.
      I hope You like what You see.
      I did machine those pieces. No BS.
      Had to make 5 copies of each.
      I have one each in my possession.
      Customs......My cousin had a fatal accident. His daughter has his stock 51 Merc. (2door) For Sale. Havn't seen it thought.
    18. Lookin4curves
      Thxs. for this Super Site. I'm Hooked!
      Will take Your advice and visit those shops. Had plans to stop in Parker.
      Have been to the Lucas Top Fuel Shop in Brownsburg In. before. Will definitely ask them. My Son just left John Force's team, moved back to an Indy car team.
      Hope we can meet some day. What kind of Customs are You interested in?
    19. Jefftowz
      Dave, Sorry about the Tattooed Vajayjay pics, I need a couple of new t-shirts, I will be in Havasu New Years, can I buy some?Are there any XL available? Thanks and Meery Christmas to you guys! Jeff
    20. ONE-A-DAY
      Dave, saw your post about Carlos leaving Premier Interiors. If my boat does not sell before February or so my plan was to take it to him and have the interior re-done. Really liked the idea of going to him since he was the DCB guy for many years and his interiors keep that DCB factory look. I thought you might know the place, was wondering if things will be different now that he is gone? Was he the talent there, or are their other employees who would still do the same level of workmanship?

      Thanks, Walt
    21. bilge rat
      bilge rat
      dave do you have a link to the bob teague spoof video? i been hearing about it but cant find it anywhere. heard it was some funny shit. thanks for everything we really appreciate all you do for gt performance.
    22. Riodog
      Hey RD.
      I have just pissed off the homosexuals (err moderators) at Calguns.com. Don't know , they banned me over there but they may try and fuck with me over here. Don't listen to them. They're all nut swingers. Tell JBB, they don't like southerners. lol.
      Rio-> michael
    23. MBSpectra
      Hey Dave I was going through the spectra section and saw you made shirts a while back. Would you have the designs for them so I could get some printed up for my dad and I. And the family. Thank you. Mike
    24. Flyin Dutchman
      Flyin Dutchman
      Hey Dave, I was wondering what would be a good gift for a friend who is letting me stay at his river house for a week. Any ideas?
    25. Roaddogg 4040
      Roaddogg 4040
      Dave... You have a PM from Roaddogg....
    26. ONE-A-DAY
      Dave, I think when the site took a shit last week I lost your message on the coozie guy, please resend it to me - thx

      btw - where is your wife delivering?

      - Walt
    27. wash11
      What's your shirt size? White or black?
    28. AzGeo
      HI ! I replied with a post that was 'too long' for your regular site. I suggest that YOU get your homeboys to capture my PM and send it to you ASAP. I'm not going to change it and I feel you may want to read it. G
    29. Just Electric
      Just Electric
      oh man dont leave rd on the computer when you have friends over drinking this could have been worse
    30. jetboatperformance
      Hey Dave Happy and honored to do the Jacuzzi thing tell me if that helps a smidge ?
    31. OGShocker
      Hey, Dave.... You have a PM from me..
    32. Just Electric
      Just Electric
      dear dave every time i talk i talk to you my buddie s nipples get hard is this normal lol
    33. JDKRXW
    34. linus3
      Dave, my password is not being accepted for user name "Linus 3". Can you e-mail me a new one so I can check out the Ultra thread. Thanks for the help. Tom
    35. charlyox
      Hi Dave. It doesn't look like there was much chatter to the Havasu shootings. I just saw the post last night about being to contribute. I have friends who knew All the deceased. The Young girl was the receptionist at Prestige Marine at one time. Chris the owner is pretty shaken up over this. What a bummer. Danny AKA Charlyox
    36. rooseveltlake
      hey have you heard any thing new about louie majors and his business
    37. AQ254
      Hi Dave

      I am interested in reaching out to the performance boat enthusiasts at/around Aha Quin to let them know about my place for sale - it has a 1000 sq ft garage and is perfect for those needing space to fine tune their performance boats. I did not want to compromise the rules though, so I am contacting you first. If I am able to do this on your site, let me knwo where you would prefer I post it - Thanks
    38. screaming pete
      screaming pete
      dave did you get my pm about the smoker parts? also my email about June 4th? let me know
    39. adam@wired
      call me i have idea
    40. jetboatperformance
      Whats up Bud any calculations yet keep me posted when the wife figures it out please Check a couple new post in jets , got a few more of my "jet homies" coming in to hang out too .. BTW we got a mutual friend "drive by" (Matt Evangelista) is my friend as well as my plumber we've built two nice boats for him Tom
    41. jetboatperformance
      Hey Dave Good to talk as usual Working on the Pics this weekend as the wife will be back form socal to run interferance (down in SD with the new grand baby I've been Batchin it) As always a pleasure to be part of this site Tom
    42. BigBoyBlue
      Nice meeting you up in Marina Manor. Good to put a name to a face.

      --Katch, Armen's son-in-law.
    43. capnzee
      River Dave, I raced in the Parker 300 and worked with Ross Wallach since the inception of this race (Parker 300) Propeller (APBA) magazine would like to use a picture by Wheeler for the COVER of the next propeller. How do I go about getting a release--can you give me permission? can Wheeler give me permission? Who would I contact and how? My phone number is (310) 488-3563 Rod Zapf boat 88!
    44. NickRoseInsurance
      RD can you call me to see if your phone works 661-253-1131
    45. skifaster
      Hey RD, thank again for all your help and input for ski racing. Its pushing things in the right direction! Can you give me Lee Spindler's phone #? The one I have doesn't work anymore... 818-448-9788 ain't workin.
    46. linus3
      Morning Dave, congrats on marriage. Hey, when I go to upload a photo for my screen picture, it keeps saying upload failed. Is there a trick. It shows the picture being brought over from my computer but it wont transfer to my section. Any help would be cool............
    47. NickRoseInsurance
      Hey Dave, river was awesome 100 degrees. Had a few drinks with Dirty Deeds Tim, How`s the banner.
    48. chemicaldriven
      Hey Dave I'll take four of your "race" t shirts "XL". Bring them to the river this weekend. Can pick up or can meet up with you somewhere for a cold one. Give me a call or PM me. 760 902-9153. Thanks Mark
    49. Schi-502
      Why does everybody "bang on you" with the "RD SUX"?
      Thanks to Wheeler for the L.B. picts.
    50. povertyjet
      hey Dave, I placed a classified ad for waterjet boat badges in the fresh / saltwater section, and it was moved to the everything else catagory. Why?

      thanks for your help
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