Terms and rules

It would seem to me that everybody here has been on message boards before so I'm going to take a slightly different route then everywhere else with regards to the "rules."

(My faith in humanity getting to me again)

This is a Boating & Customs (anything custom) website primarilly. Please keep the topics atleast somewhat related? If it's just shooting the breeze, then please keep that in "The Lounge"

Common Sense rules are in effect.

The usuals : Multiple Screen Names, Threatening Someone, Involving Peoples Wives and G/F's, etc.. etc.. That'll all get ya Warning, or two (depending on what it is) and then your out the door. I realize that there's alot of "Grey" areas with regards to that, as people have different ideas of what ok and what's not.

To clear that "grey" area up, it really doesn't matter what anyone other then Myself, or the people that are moderating the forum think. If your pushing it just to push it, then odds are your stay will be short.

As much as I'd like to have a completely "drama" free site, I realize people don't get along, and it's a matter of time before something happens. Keep it to friendly ribbing and you'll get no problems from me. When it crosses that line from "funny" to "angry" is the only time I'll ever get involved.

This is a PG site, so lets leave the Porn to porn sites, and the boats to the boatsites. If you'd get an indecent exposure ticket for it, then it doesn't belong here.

Rules relevant to bashing businesses

If you have a problem with a mfg / dealer / biz from either business dealings in the past, present etc. Then handle it in Private! Via a PM, E-Mail, Phone Call, Lawsuit etc.. Whatever the problem maybe, it is between YOU and THEM, not the rest of the world.

I have never been a fan of people using the internet to "leverage" what they want out of a business, nor have I ever been a fan of someone trying to hurt anothers livelihood through the use of an online message board. "Flaming/Bashing" the businesses that choose to participate in this site is not an option.

The participation of manufacturers & dealers on my website is far more important to me then some guys need to publicly lambast them.

Please show them the respect they deserve.

AMENDMENT TO BOTH SETS OF RULES.. NO POLITICAL THREADS IN THE LOUNGE, unless it's election time.. People are going to talk about some level of politics no matter what. #TRUMP2016!! (J/K) Seriously try to keep it in the P&G section.