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    Tapatalk is not coming back

    tapatalk sucks in general.. the fact that it constantly asks you to download it and normal members have to constantly close the window is why I’m getting rid of it. well that and they are constantly doing things to the website owners as if they were the ones that built the communities..
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    Tapatalk is not coming back

    Try the browser for a day or two.. you won't miss TT. RD
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    Schiada regatta pics!

    Air vents for a twin turbo! This was originally Parnelli Jones’ boat and it is bad ass
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    Schiada regatta pics!

    the light blue one is.
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    Margin Debt...

    I read threads like this and realize I know jack shit about making money..
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    Tapatalk is not coming back

    I know some people like it, but the reality is with the new software there is no benefit to it over using a web browser on your phone. The browsers are faster upload multiple pics bow etc.. Some people like TT, but overall there’s no reason for it anymore.
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    We are working on it..

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    Keeping Surf City Safe - Taser, then, Firearms...

    I don’t think they tazed him FYI..
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    Schiada regatta pics!

    Lol when you REALLY LOVE Schiada.. I don’t want to tell you what this costs.. 😳🤪
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    Schiada regatta pics!

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    Schiada regatta pics!

    This is my favorite (or one of them) 21 of all time..
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    Schiada regatta pics!

    Again we were down shooting more video than anything but these are the pics I got on my phone when we were there!
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    Anyone want a nice F650?

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    Hot Boat and Hot Rod Show at Pirates 2021!

    you will see when the video comes out that the event is a lot bigger than Just the pics I took. There is a bunch of hot rods and a few more boats. it’s a great event and Honcho would be a welcome addition to it!
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    Don’t let friends borrow your car

    I wonder at what point ya Just get a different Honda?