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    PPP loan fraud

    I can't afford crack.. My PPE loan fell through Your inability to understand personal responsibility and blame everyone and everything around you, makes you a solid fit for the Democratic Party ;)
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    PPP loan fraud

    WTF??? You win...... "stupidest statement of the day" Lol.
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    7th annual McRaftup!

    Fuck ... why is there 3 pics??? I hate this new App.. ughh
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    7th annual McRaftup!

    Not so sure McRib is gonna make it 😁🤣
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    7th annual McRaftup!

    There was a big houseboat in the cove yesterday on the beach. FYI..
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    7th annual McRaftup!

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    *~* Happy Birthday Ziggy!!*~*

    Happy Birthday Zig!!
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    The world lost another good man monday

    I met Brad and Tom about 5 years ago when they rode on our boat for the Damn Dam Run. Brad was rather eccentric, but very friendly and thankful for the boat ride for the day. We all had a good time that day!! Good people, and as OD1 said, Tom is about the nicest person you'll ever meet. My heart...
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    Havasu Restaurants

    I see Alan and Boatdoc have already started in on everyone this morning.. gonna be a fun day 🤣 Oh yeah, and Cha bones opened up yesterday :)
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    Great show.. when Rit runs over all the bikes 🤣 🤣
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    Hey Dave, I got your Happy Monday right here

    Yes, and yeah I know... sucks, but what do ya do?.. I did hear Cha Bones opened back up today though 👍:)
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    Hey Dave, I got your Happy Monday right here

    FML.... :mad: Going to Havasu on Friday thankfully.. staying for 9 days. Maybe I'll just stay indefinitely.. Newscum is determined to destroy this state...
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    Who’s in Havasu 7/20 - 8/01?

    I'm busy that day ;)
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    Anyone need a Carb tuned? I hear the gear heads live here.

    What exactly did Dustin do to fix it?